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Nick Monaco

San Francisco, United States

Tech House

Anabatic Records, Demento Mori
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“I firmly believe Nick Monaco is a future star!”

-Teki Latex (Sound Pellegrino)

Nick began his career as a DJ/Producer at the ripe age of 13, scratching his dad’s prized Queen records. He quickly became a connoisseur of hip-hop culture, studying the old school dogmatically. At the age of 15, when he could afford a Roland keyboard, he began making hip-hop and r&b beats for local acts. As a freshman in high school, Monaco was obsessed with turntablism and anything with the words hip and hop in it. He locked himself in his bedroom with his turntables for at least 5 hours a day. Not much later, he was sought after for his innovative scratches and featured in DJ Qbert’s instructional scratch glossary Scratchlopedia Breaktannica.

Not long after obsessing over scratching he discovered the house party.

Rocking house parties is how Monaco spent most weekends in his not so distant adolescence. Thank G-O-D for out of town parents; it was at those renegade house parties where he really learned how to rock a crowd. The desire to make people dance won him over and he hasn’t stopped since.

Nick Monaco hails from northern California’s Bay Area, the cradle of hella, hyphy, and 808-heavy house. Monaco quickly discovered San Franciscos dirtybird records who managed to seamlessly weave all three. It was at their famous BBQs in the park that truly sparked him to produce bass heavy beats and commit himself to his art.

Nick has truly come into his own. He is taking risks any chance he gets and they are paying off. He kicked off this year with “Long Kiss Goodnight (Soul Clap Edit)” released on dirtybird’s stellar Hatched compilation and as the title indicates, it was edited by the Boston duo Soul Clap, who have since become Nick’s mentors.

Monaco’s sound is friendly to booties, hips, and everything in between. His name is sure to make it somewhere into your vocabulary in the near future.