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New York based DJ/Producer

Nick Hansen is no stranger to the Music. As a kid he was like a sponge soaking up the music from his older Brothers and New York + over the years from Artists like Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez, Bad Boy Bill, Scot Project, X-Dream & many more.

He started spinning records at age 13 and has never looked back. Playing shows around New York over the Years has made him stay True to himself and to all those who support his Music.

His creativity in his Performances and the way he adapts to his settings, really Erupts anywhere he Spins at. He has turned Non Believers into Believers as he’s been told. Taking the crowd Back In Time on a Musical Journey is what he is all about.

Loosing His Older Brother who was such a Major supporter and Influence was the Toughest time for him but also was what drove him to finally take the next step into bringing his own tracks to the world.

Saving up for equipment and in his spare time between working two jobs, he was determined to make it happen. Teaching himself everything was what he did to take his Hobby & Dream to the next Level.

He now has releases on Major Respected Labels plus support from many Major Artists. Nick also runs his own Radio show “New York Sessions” on Fnoob Techno Radio in London.

Nick has grown into his own Unique Sound that just keeps getting better and more Powerful. He has a special way of

Telling A Story through his DJ Sets & Tracks, incorporating Old School & New School Sounds, Vocals, Rock, Funk & Dance Music. As an Artist he will continue to pour his Heart & Soul into all his music and bring his Passion to Dance Floors Worldwide.