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You don’t know Techno if you don’t know Nick Grater. A bold statement, but not arrogant. Nick Grater has been a pioneer and stalwart of the Techno industry in South Africa for the last decade. As with any DJ, his career began humbly with a simple residence at Atomic in Johannesburg. From these humble beginnings rose a force to be reckoned with. Nick has almost single handedly kept the Techno scene rolling forward in South Africa like an unstoppable juggernaut of beats. As a firm believer in underground purism, Nick is recognized as one of the top Techno performers in the country and a proud ambassador for this genre overseas. His intelligent, tribal, hard, driving style has secured him a reputation as one of the finest and most technically adept DJ/producers in South Africa.

Speaking of producing, Nick can boast of several fertile collaborations, as well as successful solo tracks, released on world-class record labels – Smitten, Maximum Minimum, Cluster, Routemaster, Powertools and Stay Up Forever. In May this year Nick released his second compilation on Teknotribe recordings. He has also garnered praise for his remix of “Illuminate”, a track from local supernova band Springbok Nude Girls, which has been signed to iTunes in the UK and Sony BMG in South Africa.

DJing and producing aside, Nick is also renowned as the founding member of the brand Teknotribe. Nick has been heavily involved in organizing and promoting underground Teknotribe and collaborative events over the past nine years.

TEKNOTRIBE: A name synonymous with the most fundamental underground scene in Johannesburg. Brewed and distilled over the years, it is more than a name nailed to a night out. Teknotribe has been blazing a vapour trail of distinctive events that have left the Techno connoisseur both educated and entertained. More importantly, Teknotribe has created a fanatical niche that has slavered over some of the most influential international DJs the planet has to offer… and will continue to do so. More recently, Teknotribe also initiated joining forces with the Psy Trance scene in 2003, heralding a collaboration of Techno vs. Trance events. These events have also proved to be a growing success.

Seemingly unstoppable, Nick’s tireless dedication, talent and passion have seen his career expand past our shores toward global stages. Nick has performed on an international level in clubs and events in London, Brazil, Germany, Slovakia and all over Africa. His incredible skill and phenomenal presence behind the decks have ensured his name features on DJ line-ups at the following international events and clubs:

Germany- The Loveparade 2007

Brazil- Influence, Spot, Aloca

Slovakia- Alcatraz, Techno Extasy

London- 414 Brixton, Antiworld, George Four, MASS, Roots, Toast Productions, Nuclear Free, Manik Soundsystem, Section 63, 3rd Base & Various Squat Parties

Transkei- A New Beginning

Mozambique- Macanetta

Johannesburg- Fu Cha, Symbiotek, Truth, G.A.S.S, ESP, Submission, Studio ONE77, Inflamed, Atomic, Stonewater, The Love Parade, Frequency, Carfax, Loaded, Horror Café, Woodstock 7, Submerged, Sound Factory, Projektt, Barcode, Red Eye, The Great Escape Festival, Earthdance. Mushroom Mafia, Lunartech, Turbulence 07

Cape Town- Timecode, Fiction, Killer Robot, Alien Safari, Prototype, Trip Hazard, Red Bull Music Academy

Durban- The Flux Festival, Trip Hazard, Rockafellers, Destiny, and Lightworks Outdoor Psytrance parties.

Nick has played alongside top international DJ’s Adam Beyer, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Marco Bailey, Aaron Liberator, Ant, Indigo Kennedy, Paranormal Attack, Painkiller, Eskimo, Infected Mushroom, GMS, Astrix, Ectomorph, Ade Fenton and Marco Lenzi to name a few.

Nick’s overriding passion and enthusiasm for Techno, have secured its future in South Africa. Known countrywide by punter, promoter, club owner and DJ alike, Nick commands respect both in his achievements behind the decks and behind the scenes. Nick is a true pioneer and ambassador of the underground electronic dance movement and more specifically the Techno genre.