Nick Arbor Beatport


Nick Arbor has been dominating the dance scene in Sydney for almost a decade. With an impressive gig CV, showcasing his talents at many of the major club nights in Australia predominantly Sydney, several club residencies as well as major festivals in NSW. He is not shy to claim the stage to perform for 6000+ people, yet can create an atmosphere for his fans in small club shows with as little as 500 people.

Nicks following, grown organically is a result of his ability to work a crowd, finely matched with his bold on stage presence making him one of the most popular DJ’s in Sydney to date. His music style is versatile seeing him drop tracks from a number of genres in the scope of EDM. That being said, his philosophy stays true; ‘it doesn’t matter what genre it is, I just play damn good music’.

Nicks mark hasn’t been made in this scene by chance. His love of music started from the ripe age of 7, training as a classical violinist until he finished high school. It was a natural progression where he soon discovered that melodies are also apparent in electronic music, namely Trance. This moment is where Nicks interest in DJing started, already having a well developed skill set in feeling tempo’s and reading music, learning to beat and key match was easy for him. Naturally his curiosities lead him to creating a home studio where his years of classical training could really be put to good use. After many years of self tuition in the studio, Nick has been noticed by a high caliber label, Enhanced Records and is one of their rostered artists. Recently, Nick has released a track on Enhanced ‘Worlds Beneath me” with vocalist Alana Aldea that firmly sat within the top 100. With a number of solid tracks in the pipeline soon to be released, the world is Nick’s oyster. His exciting journey has really, only just begun.