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Nicholas Vegas

Rome, Italy

Chill Out, House


…was born in the middle of the Sixties in Frankfurt/Germany and since his youth he was always involved in the Local Music Scene ,deeply influenced by the growing Disco Music Market , but it took some time till he start to Spinning Round & DJ-ing.

One of his Friends, the now Famous Godfather of the German Techno Scene “TALLA 2XLC” introduces him into the New Wave/EBM Scene and fascinated him with this kind of Underground Sounds never heard before. Specially the Mix between Dance & Techno, later called Electronic Body Music (EBM) was intriguing to him.

Do to his work around the World as Tourist Guide/Rep NV left the Frankfurt Music Scene to found himself a few years later in SPAIN.

Unamused about the Music there in his Favorite Bars & Clubs he decided to go Back to the Roots and started to buy Records and promote himself as DJ in MAllorca. He was Resident DJ for 8 Years in the well noted Hippest Club on Mallorca in this Time called “CLASSIC CLUB” also he did some Guest appearances in other Bars & Clubs on the Island.

In this Time he start to getting more & more Influenced by the Local HOUSE Sound & of Course to the IBIZA STYLE LATIN HOUSE , including more of this Radical Spanish Beat into his DJ Sets.

In the Year 2001 he decided to turn his Shoulders to the Island & trying to seek other opportunities in his Homeland ITALY. After a certain period, more a kind of Sabbatical Year, he decided to turn back on the Turntables & discovering new DIGITAL TOOLS to Mix and to introduce in his Sets. Nicholas Vegas is a kind of New Nomad like Corto Maltese, always searching for something he ever kept in his own baggage only to put it out from time to time and to actually surprise the South Italian Music Scene with Sounds No One has ever heard before. Mixing absolutely Rare & Unknown Tunes with (Well, Remixed) Tracks of the Past. Its easy to recognize his Style when you hear one of his Mixes or at his ( now a bit rarely ) LIVE DJ Sessions , due to his Heavenly Spanish influenced but always very Danceable Beats around the 128-140 Bpm. showing his CLASSIC & NEO-DISCO / VOCAL-HOUSE / LATIN HOUSE Knowledge. Actually he plays from Time to Time (when the Devils Rides Him) in Very Selected Clubs in ITALY between NAPLES, Rome & FLORENCE. He is actually Living in ROME/ITALY, and working as Graphic-Designer at his own Office called “DESIGNBUREAU” and on his MUSIC LABEL Project called “LEMON MUSIC”, he is 3o-something Years Old and prefers to Act in front of a Kind of Mature Audience who can respect & recognize his work. If you have a Chance to see & Hear him, go for it, it will be a very special experience for you!

…by the way NICHOLAS VEGAS has himself fully introduced into the New DIGITAL DJ MIllenium using only DIGITAL EQUIPMENT & MIXING SOFTWARE & a DrumComputer on his Gigs.