Nice Beatport


Be open to your sensitivity, create an atmosphere to arise your imagination, this is what drives the passion of this artist for sound and image, but we should have a look to his music itself…

Born in 1977 in Strasbourg, Nice spent all his childhood filled with music. Classic, Jazz, soul, funk, rock, reggae, and salsa built his music culture and influence his actual artiste identity. With the years, he discovers with pleasure keyboards and originals sounds, the guitar and the power of its acoustic, and finally the magic side of music computers applications. In the beginning of the 90’s, the electronic music gave his style a new dimension.

Summer 96, Club “KU” in St Sebastian (Spain), Derrick May and Juan Atkins turns the dance floor into a hot spot by a heteroclite program and a dynamic technique, this will be a revelation for him and an exceptional moment. The next week he will sell his guitar and his amplifier to buy turntables and a mixer. His apprenticeship begins and he quickly starts to play in clubs. Dj nice likes to deal with energetic mixes, progressive and unexpected; moreover, each of his mix is carried by a ‘’pumping ’’ dynamic, ideal for trendy dance floors.

At the same times, intrigued by those new sounds, with an unlimited diversity, Dj Nice got quickly interested in digital composition. He first started on soft wares like ‘Fast Tracker’ and other ancestors from the MAO, on which he will discover the basics. Later on, while integrating the association WELLCOM (2000), he is accessing tools of professional qualities: Steinberg (Wavelab, Recycle, Cubase), then Proppelerheads (Reason) and Ableton (Live) with which he still works today.

Since 1997, Dj Nice is active on the electronic scene. Sometimes resident DJ and sometimes behind the decks from different house/teckhouse party in France or abroad. He also takes part in the organization of many different events in private or in club in the east of France. Moreover, you can listen to him on the FM waves every second Wednesday of the month on the radio dedicated to new sounds (RBS – 91.9FM).

In 2005, he works in collaboration with DJ Prozac303 for the creation of NOODLE SOUP collective. The objective is to organize events but also to develop international relations. Today, the crew features artistes like Terry lee Brown Jr., D.Ramirez, Paranoîd Jack, John-e, Nugen, and Eddie, etc.

Dj Nice goes on with his adventure and enjoys sharing his music with all those who meet his way, with an ultimate goal: good vibration!