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Born in Perth Western Australia in 1977, yet raised within a Turkish culture at home, Nez’s natural talent for music was nurtured by a deep desire to not only find a voice, but to be heard.

In a journey which took her from the school choir to the recording studio, Nez’s natural flair for electronica saw her redefine what was thought possible of the genre, creating house tracks that capture the raw emotion usually only exposed in ballads.

Currently collaborating with producers from all over the globe, Nez continues to bridge the gap between house and emotion, empowering both herself and all those who are touched by her music.

Blessed with a wide spectrum of song writing and vocal ability, it’s the unique infusion of electronica and emotion that sees Nez’s music remixed by successful DJ’s and producers around the world, including Ibiza, USA, Turkey, Israel and the UK.

Nez’s stunning breakthrough album, ‘Play by Love’, showcases her evocative and emotive sound. A separate yet equally spectacular stand-out single, ‘Beautiful’, fast became a Top 20 underground hit and has inspired multiple remixes.

Blissfully unaffected and charged with the rawest of emotions, Nez is one artist whose music simply has to be heard.