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DJ since 2003, he is an emerging talent in the portuguese music scene.

Beginning his work as a DJ, deeply involved in the Drum n’ Bass scene, early he took on his Jazz roots and naturally got more involved with the black music rhythms. His Funk sets guide us on an exquisite journey throughout an exclusive vinyl collection, always spiced up with a twist of scratch. Nevertheless, he stretches his musical journey through Funk ,Hip Hop, Breaks, Dubstep, Jazz and Jungle/Drum n’ Bass. Labeling sounds isn’t the point here. Music is…

Since 2005, has been involved with some important portuguese art and music crews, as Breakfast, Supafly, DFLKTR and SOMANY, and playing in a variety of bars and clubs around Portugal. Did also portuguese DMC TEAM (MadTriggerz) 2nd place and works with the best portuguese Jazz/Funk band, so called Groove4tet (

As a producer, he has rebirth when did Red Bull Music Academy Lisbon Taster 09, releasing in Portuguese Pitch Benders from Phonotactics and Bloodcuts 3 from Beat4Battle, being the first portuguese DJ/Producer in a international turtablism compilation.

Already played/worked with: Carlos Zingaro (PT), D Bridge (UK), Mr. Bird (PT/UK), Mr.Cheeks (PT/UK), DJ Manaia (PT), Yen Sung (PT), DJ Ride (PT), Survival (UK), Dedydread (PT), DJ Nel’Assassin (PT), Mike Stellar(PT), Groove4tet (PT), DJ Tubarão (BR), M’otown Junkie (PT), Rodrigo Amado (PT), Spectrasoul (UK), Ursula 1000 (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music), Thunderball (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music), MC Trip(UK) e Benny G (Mixologists).

Already played @ CCB Fora de Si, Clube Lua, Lux Frágil, Maria Caxuxa, Lx Factory, Clube Mercado, Kubik Lisboa, Armazém do Chá, Bicaense, Music Box, Open Day 2009, Santiago Alquimista, Odessa, Red Bull Hummer @ Meco & Zambujeira do Mar, DMC Championship 2008 (Supremacy / Team), Europa, Red Bull Pirate Popular Soundclash, Cabaret Maxime, Out Jazz 08/09/10, Buondi Billabong Pro Surf Festival 2008 e Onda Jazz and many others places.

Yet in the end it is all about the music.