Neon Logic Beatport


Neon Logic (aka Geoff Roberts) has been playing his own small role in the electronic music scene for over 8 years. With praise from names such as James Talk, Joel Armstrong, Pako & Frederik and Kriece, Geoff has continually pushed his own limits in production of the downtempo & glitchy tech-house that is his namesake. His love for electronic music grew from constant exposure to every genre of music imaginable as a child, and he cites special influence from Fela Kuti, Talking Heads, Pat Metheny Group, Weather Report and Jaco Pastorius.

His DJ skills have been honed since he first started playing out in 2000, beginning as a trance/techno DJ for college parties and raves around the central coast of California. After moving to El Centro, CA in 2003, he began producing at Imperial Valley Colleges’ MIDI studio.

Around the same time, he joined forces with Nocha Music Group-a DJ collective based out of San Diego which tours in and around southern California and northern Mexico, playing host to some of the finest DJ’s and live acts in the world such as Lee Burridge, Luke Fair and Tom Stephan (Superchumbo). In 2006, he scored a position as global editor with 365Mag, one of the worlds’ most respected electronic music magazines. It was through both of these outlets that Geoff has revamped his own sound on both DJ and production fronts; toning down the heavy peak-hour beats he was used to playing in favor of deep, moving tech-house, minimal and downtempo (though he’s not the least bit hesitant to kick it up a notch).

After 3 years of refining his production talents, Bellarine Recordings stood up and took notice of his unique ability to blend styles and sounds after hearing his entrance for Facu Mohrr’s remix competition in late 2006. Released in July of 2007, his first album, aptly titled ‘The First Impressions EP,’ garnished support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Micah (Global Underground/Ruhnsong Recordings), John Sinclair (Ministry of Sound/Native Music), Jondi & Spesh (Bedrock), and Leonardo Roa (104.9 Ibiza FM).