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Nejat Barton

London, United Kingdom


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Nejat Barton Beatport


The unfolding success story of Nejat Bartons Love affair with music and the worlds consequent love affair with Nejat’s talent began at a very early age! It is a story of passion, ambition and many coincidental factors that could only ever have been mapped out for Nejat by the hands of fate. It is these factors that have led those in the know to claim that, amidst an uncertain climate, Nejat Barton is one of the few DJs expected to serve as a major artery throughout the body of Music. Raised in Manchester, a city world renowned for giving birth to many musically talented offspring, as well as being a perfect example of a modern day culturally mixed society, Nejat’s habitual growth could not have been more fitting for a future within the music industry. Nejat’s education in music began at a very early age when was instantly enthralled by the diverse sounds that Manchester’s dynamic society had on offer. Not content with simply being a fan of the artists, Nejat’s thirst for knowledge turned towards the producers, where he became inspired by many names such as electro, disco and legendary soundtrack producer Giorgio Moroder. At around 16 Nejat turned his talents towards the record decks and quickly mastered the arts of beat matching, scratching and music selection, plumbing the depths of record stores and often discovering exclusive white labels and future classics in the process. Shortly after Nejat launched a successful DJing career as resident of many famed venues and club nights, schooling local dance floors. Two years Later Nejat accepted his first permanent slot at the launch night of the soon to be white hot club night EYE CANDY in Edinburgh. A large part of the success of the night was attributed to Nejats inclusion within the team and subsequently the name NEJAT BARTON became synonymous with quality, amassing a following at least as prominent as the BIG NAMES he was soon to be sharing flyer space with. Nejats Bass heavy, sometimes vocal and always uplifting sounds became synonymous with clubbers across the nation, but a DJ must be more than that to separate from the masses. Nejats true talent does not lie solely within the music, which he plays, but more importantly within the way in which his sets are delivered. Often opening up with an acapella, speech or eclectic vocal Nejat adds scratching and effects to demand the Crowds attention! Once that has been achieved he begins to layer roaring drums and heavy basslines one over the next, reaching to the peak of chosen accompaniment, forcing hairs on the necks of each patron of the dancefloor to stand on end until the track erupts and sends the crowd off the hook in a seemingly hypnotic state of cheers and whistles. Next to the stereotypical dj, beat matching, whilst his motionless body only moves to light the cigarette hanging limply from his mouth, Nejats simple Dynamics became a revelation. It was about this time that the rumour mill began to turn and the whispers began to get much louder, who is Nejat Barton? accompanied with reports of inhuman mixing abilities and a seemingly telepathic ability to read the crowds mind and connect with the dancefloor. Along with guest appearances across the airwaves including guest mixes on XFM, GALAXY RADIO and internationally syndicated mixes for MINISTRY OF SOUND RADIO, Nejat released 4 sell out underground albums with EYE CANDY that cemented a legendary legacy amongst the Club Nights massive cult following. Moving on from this success Nejat’s light began to shine brighter and brighter and demand for his abilities resulted in regular appearances across the globe, including Ibiza, Los Angeles, Germany, London, Miami and Paris to name just a few. Tired of the limitations of having to play other peoples music, Nejat has decided to spread his wings and is currently spending time amongst tour dates, to work in the studio, producing his very own sound. Nejats reputation continues to spread with furious speed throughout the right venues and cities and it seems only a matter of time before electronic music next major ambassador steps up to take his place in history next to the all time greats!!!!!!!