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Neill Macleod

Toronto, Canada

Open Format, Tech House

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This Toronto-based DJ, whose passion, energy and sexy beats have brought dance floors to life for over 15 years, has demonstrated he knows his music. Classically trained on trumpet, this artist has been making music since he was able to get his fingers on the piano at the age of 4. Neill continued his journey through high school and university, studying many genres including brass, jazz, funk ensemble and singing, to name a few. It is this deep foundation that gives Neill a unique sound that is truly music to your ears.

Neill quickly took the city by storm as this DJ’s career captured local attention and took off within less than a year. Sharing his music in clubs include: Atomic, Icon, Helsinki, Surface, Flamingo and The Well where he first created a weekly industry night and year-long residency which successfully continued until he found his new home in Toronto in 2000.

New to the country’s largest city, Neill wasted no time sharing his sound in major clubs such as: 5ive, The Barn, Guvernment, System Sound Bar, Fly and Comfort Zone. This DJ’s fresh sound pumped local dance floors full of dynamic and playful beats while creating a smooth, sexy sound.

In Montreal Neill made his debut at the respected after hour even ‘Church’, which immediately caught the attention of the local clubs and patrons alike. Neill’s style blended beautifully with the stimulating sounds of Montreal’s scene where his music exploded in clubs such as Stereo & Stereo Bar, Unity, Sky Pub and Parking Nightclub where he held a bi-weekly residency for 2 years.

Neill’s music took two of Canada’s major cities by storm where his sound is still in demand at clubs and major parties including both city’s leather scenes and communities. Neill opened for Toronto’s first leather ‘Beef Ball’ during pride 2003 and has since returned each year as one of the few local DJ to headline a party during pride year after year. Return appearances at The Fantasy Ball in 2008 & 2009 brought promoters from Fort Lauderdale who invited him to play at their annual The Leather Ball 4.

Neill was invited to debut at Montreal’s first leather Labour Day event ‘Fuel Party’ at Stereo Nightclub giving him the opportunity to express his unbridled creative potential as he stood at the helms of the world-renown ‘Best analog sound system in North America.’ It wasn’t long before the world’s biggest circuit party organizers from BBCM Black & Blue brought Neill on board to play parties such as Black & Blue Leather Ball, Twist, Hot & Dry, Bal des Boys, Red Party and more.

This DJ’s musical career has brought him to major cities across Canada as far west as Vancouver, over the border to Chicago for IML 2011 weekend opened the IML Victory Ball at House of Blues, WOOF Club 2013 in LA, Pitbull 2013 in Toronto and Chicago, Wayla Bar, The Leather Ball for Mr. Leather Toronto, Rochester Pride 2013, summers in California and also a yearly residency down south at the long-running successful ‘Beef Dip’ week-long event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Neill has been playing: The Monster, NYC, The Black Eagle, IML 2014, L.A. Woofclub, Spearhead Toronto SWEAT, S.I.N. partiest and . After winning second place in Green Space’s Facebook DJ Contest, Neill played WORLD PRIDE weekend with an opening set for ONE WORLD – To Frankie with Love for the lengendary TreeHouse outdoor party in Cawthra Park. He then made his rounds playing on the Village and Central Stages, the BEAST party and returned for another Beef Ball Pride to finish the weekend.

It’s no surprise this musician has taken to the studio to create his own remixes and production. This year will be filled with new projects, performances, remixes and original productions as Neill promotes live performance during his sets on trumpet. When you think of Neill and his music, you can’t help but grin and start moving to a memorable beat. His mind and spirit have always been open to all cultures and forms of music. Undoubtedly, no matter where this artist plays in the world he will always make an impression, energize a dance floor, delight musical perceptions, evoke the dancer from within and leave the listeners dancing with a smile.