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A self-taught DJ originally born in Southampton ,England .Neel V has always been around music. Since his early age he found himself enticed by hardcore Jungle, and Drum and Bass. Not long after moving to America ,having love for music, he moved through the stages of life and music until he found his interest in house and trance. Neel V’s passion for music grew even stronger and that’s when he decided to buy his own set of decks and started practicing and honing his own skills. Learning by bringing a new piece of musical technology home, plugging it in, and pushing all the buttons until something happened. With his perseverance and faith he got into djing. With inspirations from Robert Miles and Paul Van Dyk he could’nt help but start producing his version of house and trance .

In 2010 he brought his own label out Miramarbeats – a Trance-House-Progressive label .At first he started the label to be an outlet for his music, but with the pace of talents all around he is now looking for other artists to share the same passion. He is on his way to becoming known for producing deep progressive house and trance music with that extra difference . The Rising Sun, Dreams , Red, Sutra, Shhh are a few that are making its release in 2012.

Neel V’s musical style reflects his eclectic culture influences—from high-modernist progressive to Indian culture fusion —all distilled down to pure addiction. He’s combining Indian classical and progressive house to create a new sound that would just be pure treat for the heart and mind.

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