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Ned Ward

Portoroz, Slovenia


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Edvard Fatoric alias Ned Ward, born on 21st of april 1987, resides in Portorose on slovenian coast.

His interest in music started around year 2000. Shortly after he began playing on school parties. At first he was focused on dance music, but later, around year 2004, his musical taste shifted on then very popular electro house. Later on he developed his skills in Tivoli Club in Portorose. Shortly after he started playing in other slovenian clubs like The Club, K4, Bachus and Life to name just a few.

After many years behind the decks he developed an interest in music production. Now he’s proud to present his first single named “Chasing my dreams”. The track is also remixed by very known slovenian producer Tomy DeClerque

And the story goes on!!!