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Cincinnati, United States

House, Trance

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Jason Brooks a.k.a. Nautigroove started his career in 1989. Being a kid in the party scene it was easy to see where the action was. The DJ booth! He soon moved to Los Angeles in September and began buying records. There he hooked up with long time friend A.J Mora from Aqua Boogie Records and quickly began playing back rooms in the L.A. club scene. In May of 1996 Jason moved overseas to Italy where he served in the Air Force. He quickly picked up many gigs in clubs there and being able to travel with his Squadron he also scored gigs in Zaragosa Spain, Incerlik Turkey, Israel, Austria, and Rammstein Germany. Jason’s travels have helped him become extremely diverse and able to work the most difficult of crowds.

Since moving back to the States in June of 1998, Jason has become one of the most sought after Trance DJ’s in the Mid-West. Traveling from Toronto to Los Angeles he has been mesmerizing dance floors with his progressive blend of Tribal House, and Trance.

In January of 1999 Jason started his own production company Scrubbing Bubble Productions. Jason is founder of the now legendary annual party here in Ohio “Positive”. This is an event he puts all his effort into once a year to try and bring a little of the “Old School” feel to the scene and promote a drug-free safe environment. The vibe at Jason’s events are unbelievable, sort of like the vibe he creates wherever he spins.

Jason recently made the change from “Scrubbing Bubble” to “In the groove”. Chasing his dream even further he has opened a record store here in Cincinnati. He also has an online store that is doing very well at an early stage.

With over 9 years of spinning Jason has become very comfortable and confident with his style. Jason is a Christian and believes that God has granted him this talent for a purpose greater than just playing at parties. Jason tries very hard to promote a Positive vibe wherever he plays, and people usually respond very well to this.


I would just like to point out that I had a wikkid good time at this party. I havent been to the Industry since last summer and I forgot what a kewl place it was, even though the dancefloor was crowded and they wouldnt let me into the 19+ area after 2:00. Although the night wasn’t as trancey as I had hoped (got there late, missed Dr.Trance and half of O/S2 set), Chris Liberator was good but in my humble opinion Nauti Groove stole the show…and to think up until last night I was saying to myself: “who the hell is this guy Nauti-Groove?….I never heard of him”. I guess I just lead a sheltered suburban life. Any idea where I can pick up a mixtape or some info on Nauti Groove? I have the distinct gut-feeling that most of you did not have a good time last night but Id like to hear your opinion anyway.