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Natural Nate

Colorado Springs, United States


Bruise Your Body Breaks
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Genres: DJ / ELECTRO BREAKS / ALL BREAKSLabel: Bruise Your Body Breaks / www.the-lost-art.comManagement: Bruise Your Body Breaks /


All of these tracks are hand made off a Roland Fantom X6 and G6! All beats are hand drummed { High Hats, Bass, Snares, ect}. All samples are hand selected and cropped to fit the needs. Synth lines and Arpeggios are hand made! Ive tried my best to do EVERYTHING from scratch to insure our own sound. { REAL TIME RECORD }

Im a sucker for remixes! Always have been. I love to hear things play together! I also love the challenge of seeing if it just works!

  • BYBB Just wants to give back in a small way to the Breaks Community for there has been so many sweet producers that have been so kind to help us keep this rare music alive! Thanks for your support!

    *Special Note*

    Its been a great year in 2010! The Bruise Your Body Breaks show on NUBREAKS.COM was Nominated for best radio show in Breaks Poll!* { Every Thursday 10-12 Eastern time}

    By the end of 2010, we should have over 60 releases under the BYBB Label! We are also proud to say we set a World Record with URDB.ORG { } As the fastest mix DJ in the 133 BPM range! Big ups to all the Producers that have made this Dream Possible and also URDB.ORG! Thanks to all the people that have believed in what we do…. We would not be here with out you!

    *Bruise Your Body Breaks has been around since 1998. The name Bruise Your Body Breaks came about when Natural Nate was spinning at a party. After his set, a guy came up to him and showed him a bruise that was on the left side of his back. He stated that the bass was hitting so hard that it bruised his body. So as stated, “If the dancing doesn’t bruise your body the music will!” In 2010… BYBB Started new chapter with THE-LOST-ART.COM. Stronger… Faster.. Smarter.. and from Mars!


    Dear Friends,

    We will soon be entering into an exciting new venture in music and we want you involved. This will be an endeavor into the lost art of the turntable. (

    We seek to bring ALL dj’s and producers to a neutral place where they can be respected for their craft. We believe this craft needs be our highest priority and will be reflected in all we do.

    The reason behind this message is three fold.

    1. We at B.Y.B.B./ Global Bass Alliance are grateful to have you as friends, collaborators and supporters.

    2. You are the people we want to be involved with this venture. So we want your input, your ideas and your feedback. We are looking for whatever commitment you want to provide. Nothing more.

    3. If you are a dj please let us know and arrange to send us a 45-60 minute set we can listen to. We will want a linkable flash banner (if applicable) to put on the site as soon as possible.

    This is only a preliminary email. But we want your involvement.

    Let me provide some details. We are starting a non profit site that will be endorsed by all who want to put their name in the hat. We will broadcast live sets (video will be necessity for ALL resident dj’s so the listener can see exactly what we are doing) and archive those sets for easy access. We will have a chat for listeners and a page to check out all of those who want to be included. Your involvement can range from live broadcast, providing tracks for our djs sets or just being a supporter.

    We will also be looking out for any other online sites that my be interested in simulcast with their own existing online radio station. We would love to see smaller companies and radio stations merge with our scheduling to fill in gaps and create a bigger network that all parties will have access to.

    Our goal is to recover a lost art that the digital age may be sweeping under the rug. Live PA will be welcome and our sets will be done by hand with no beat match or jukebox help.

    Please contact us with any ideas you have ([email protected]) so we can add you to our mailing list.

    Here is a link to the facebook page as well. ( )

    Feel free to contact any one of us -

    Natural Nate []

    Joonie Lipton []

    Current supporters:

    Debonaire []

    Global Bass Alliance []

    B.Y.B.B. []

    Jason Protege [] representing house music for us.

    Vocode Project

    City of Bass a well respected blog writer.

    and many more

    Thanks for your time and for your support. We could not do it without you.

    ps here is a link to our first support event. please look it up as soon as you can –

    Legend Review Here!


    Legend Is a 21 Track Re-Release! Thanks to all That Download this Series the First time around! This will be the last Chance for downloads off of Soundcloud!

    *Give it up to some of my Partners!*

    *******Joonie Lipton and Wingnut******

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        There is a lot of tracks… This is not in any order! Be sure to check sets first!

        Here is a place for a complete list of tracks!

        ******Download BYBB Archives at******


        The tracks that are downloadable are for you to use at will! Have fun and thanks for downloading Bruise Your Body Breaks music!!

        I dont really consider myself a producer at all… I’ve been a Breaks DJ for 14 years and have been on internet Radio for close to 4 years! I’ve spent most of my time learning the craft of being a true mix DJ! There has always been a passion for me to hear two records play together and sing. I love true showmanship on two turntables! Where did those days go?

        I grew up loving the art of Breakdancing and True Electro Breaks…. {MJ /Egyptian Lover/ Herbie Hancock /Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom} It was getting old for me going to Minamal shows when all I wanted to hear was the sick sounds of Breaks! From that point… I have been a self dedicated person to learn everything on my own… I did not want the Influence of someone else telling me how to do things! As a Dancer… I wanted to Bring to the floor what most would not! BASS!

        Growing up…As a kid… My passion for music came from the desire of wanting Keyboard! Ive always had nack for drumming also….. I would go to friends homes that had pianos and drums and sit for hours trying to get as much practice in as possible because I did not have the equipment! It’s made making music today enjoyable because I really try to do most everything by hand and ear! {REAL TIME RECORD} I do not know how to read music… Just a strong passion to make the impossible possible…. I hand Drum every sound you hear… I do play all the keys and arpeggio’s also by hand! I will make a song out of anything I can get my hands on! I love the challenge!

        This is a history of tracks for the most part of things from the past to present I have worked on! These really are not songs but stories…. Some good… Some bad…. I used a lot of these tracks to say things out loud without having to say anything at all… They are by far, not even close to perfect… But are a good reflection of how much I love Breaks and sharing!

        I’m a sucker for remixes… I do not try to mess with original pieces but more so to make them more mixable! Using old school tracks can be hairy in live mixes!

        I can not thank all the producers from around the world that have shared their music with me to give to the listeners of Nubreaks! At one point in time… I can say Breaks has saved my life! I enjoy nothing more than to spread music to those that really haven’t had a chance to experience true music! I feel like I own a ton of people credit and thanks… My Radio show and Tracks are one small way I can give back for so many others have been so kind!


        I am always looking for the Best In breaks for the Bruise Your Body Breaks show Live on every Thursday 10-12 Eastern! If you have tracks or need something played… Please hit me up! Our show is Dedicated to any and everyone in the Breaks revolution! If you have Info and art…The Lost Art loves to promote on the front page with new releases ect! Hit me up!!!!!!!!!!

        • Special Note**************

          It’s been a great year in 2010! The Bruise Your Body Breaks show on NUBREAKS.COM was Nominated for best radio show in Breaks Poll!* { Every Thursday 10-12 Eastern time}

          By the end of 2010, we should have over 100 Tracks made under the BYBB Label! Some good… Most bad…. Hahaha!

          We are also proud to say we set a World Record with URDB.ORG { } As the fastest mix DJ in the 133 BPM range! * Special Note* This record was not for any Glory or even bragging rights. In the New Digital Mixing age.. I wanted to preserve the art of Breaks and true mixing the Best way I could! I hope this is inspiration to keep your Turntables and believe in your art… There is World records to break! All the artist on the Record were hand picked due to the amount of respect I have for them! The World Record was not set with any other Genre But breaks! We at least have that! Hehe. Big ups to all the Producers that have made this Dream Possible and also URDB.ORG! Thanks to all the people that have believed in what we do…. We would not be here with out you!





          If you are interested in becoming a DJ send an email to with the following info:

          A link to a 1 hour or more mix that you mixed live

          the open time slot you are applying for

          any other relevant information you would like to include such as DJing experience, music production, etc.

          Once we receive your request it will be submitted to our management committee for review.

          You will be notified within one week if you have been selected for the slot you are applying for.

          If you do not have anywhere to upload a mix to use

          If you have any questions before applying you can send them to

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          Yes you do need to have a Soundcard to Broadcast your show! Here is What I recommend!


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