Top 25k on The DJ List


Lodz, Poland


Vibes and Pressure
Natty Beatport


He finished acoustics of sounds on the University of Poznan department of physics. Is this why DJ Natty, resident of Soda Bar, does his job as well as he does? A good deejay will always choose the best beats out of the whole range of sounds and will put them together in one united entity build up a proper atmosphere for the people on the floor. He puts his heart into the music. Throughout the span of his career as a DJ, he traveled all around Poland often playing in the best and most exclusive clubs. During the summer of 2004 he presented his skills on the electronic music festival Pink Swallow in Lviv. He represented Skylark Records the biggest, in his opinion, store with vinyls in whole Poland, advertising progressive sounds of such world-famous producers and deejays as Guy Gerber, Paul Louth, Rowan Blades, Sasha, John Digweed, Jonathan Ojeda i Chus & Ceballos. However he is more and more interested in writing music himself. For the past few years he was building a home record studio. The tracks he makes are kept in the tribal, progressive, deep/minimal house mood. He likes to experiment with music, transforming the sounds that accompany our every-day existence, he seeks inspiration in the world that surrounds him. He believes that music is everywhere.