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Mustache Riot is the most recent project from veteran producer Arman Zand who also has releases as Natty Freq and Natural Frequency. Mustache Riot embraces all that is chaotic in EDM and pushes it through the speakers with an undeniable dance floor edge. Hard hitting bass-lines, scattered crisp breaks and sonic perfection make any Mustache Riot tune instantly noticeable. Having already topped the charts on such labels as Heavy Artillery, Synth City and Smashed Beatz the Mustache Riot brand has already made its mark. Additional label support includes Audioporn, Noctem Audio, Straight Up! Music, Emerald Fix, BassDeVision, TuffLove, LU10, Rockers Dub, Bombeatz, Less Than 3, Low Pass Records and more on the way. In 2012 Mustache Riot gained sponsorship by Monster Headphones and had a song featured in their new commercial. Keep an eye out for new releases and new collaborations with Direct Feed And Notation as Mobb Creep in 2013!

Arman Zand’s Discography (update 9/12)

( Boxmon / Natty Freq / Mustache Riot )

Wizard Piss – Natty Freq & We Bang (Smashed Beatz – 7-18-12)

Luna Oscura – Natty Freq (Smashed Beatz – 7-18-12)

Paintrain – Natty Freq & Direct Feed (Smashed Beatz – 7-18-12)

The Hunt – Natty Freq ft Red October (Smashed Beatz – 7-18-12)

The Riddler – Natty Freq (Smashed Beatz 9/12/11)

The Great Escape – Mustache Riot ( 2012)

Digital Meltdown – Natty Freq & Direct Feed (Smashed Beatz 10-3-11)

War Machine – We Bang & Natty Freq (Bombeatz 5-16-12)

Sucker Punch – Natty Freq & Direct Feed (Bombeatz 7-18-12)

Master Blaster – Natty Freq & We Bang (Bombeatz 7-18-12)

Lockdown – Natty Freq ft Grinch (Bombeatz 7-18-12)

One Man Army – Natty Freq (Bombeatz 7-18-12)

Outta Control – Natty Freq ft. Blackwell (Bombeatz 7-18-12)

Keepin It Hood – Bodie (Natty Freq Remix) (Rockers Dub 9-22-11)

Bitch Slap – Natty Freq (Smashed Beatz 2-13-2012)

Hacienda – Natty Freq (Notation) (Smashed Beatz 2-13-12)

Search Warrant – Natty Freq (LU10 Records 12-12-11)

Go Insane – Direct Feed & Natty Freq (Smashed Beatz 1-23-12)

We Are Mustache Riot – Mustache Riot (Smashed Beatz 3-12-12)

Eugenix – Mustache Riot (Smashed Beatz 3-12-12)

Warrior Of The Light – Mustache Riot (Smashed Beatz 3-12-12)

The Arena – Mustache Riot (Smashed Beatz 3-12-12)

Shockproof – Mustache Riot (Smashed Beatz 3-12-12)

Short Circuit – Mustache Riot (Synth City 7-02-12)

Riollie Fingers – Mustache Riot (Synth City 7-02-12)

F**k You – Vimeizm & Yer Man (Mustache Riot Remix) (BassDeVision 6-11-2012)

Golden Child – Mustache Riot (LessThan3 3-23-2012)

Boobie Trap – Mustache Riot (Heavy Artillery Recordings 8-13-12)

Abyss – Mustache Riot (Heavy Artillery Recordings 8-13-12)

Shock Proof – Mustache Riot (Urban Assault Remix) (Smashed Beatz 8-20-12)

NOthing To Hide – Octiv (Mustache Riot Remix) (Smashed Beatz 8-20-12)

Shiva – Natty Freq (Tuff Love Dubz 10-17-12)

Ice King – Natty Freq (Tuff Love Dubz 10-17-12)

Remedy – Natty Freq ft. Domonique Porter (Tuff Love Dubz 10-17-12)

Broken Crown – Natty Freq (Tuff Love Dubz 10-17-12)

Time To go – Dirty It up (Mustache Riot Remix) (Heavy artillery Recordings 3-5-2012)

Mathematix – Boxmon & Notation (Foul Play Recordings 3-24-09)

Loose Change – Natty Freq ft. All Night Pressure

On A Mission – Katy b (Mustache Riot Bootleg)

Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails (Mustache Riot & Direct Feed Remix) (

Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (Mustache Riot Bootleg)

One Sound – Natty Freq ft. Tenor Fly (Jungle Riddim Unreleased)

Candle Light – Natty Freq ft. Bunny General (Jungle Riddim Unreleased)

Rasta – Natty Freq ft. Warrior King

Unconscious Document – Infiltrata (Natty Freq Remix) (Unreleased)

Inside Out – Subsonik (Natty Freq Remix) (Unreleased)