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Nathan's love for electronic dance music reaches back for more than a decade. When Nathan was 14 he was already sneaking into dance clubs. The music that he was exposed to ... read more
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Location: San Francisco, United States United States
Genre: House, Progressive House
Alias/Collaboration: NATHAN HANSEN
Labels: Mioli Music

Nathan’s love for electronic dance music reaches back for more than a decade. When Nathan was 14 he was already sneaking into dance clubs. The music that he was exposed to back then would forever shape his future. The industrial dance music sound of the early nineties that includes artists like Ministry, Front 242, KMFDM, Lords Of Acid and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult was being played at the handfull of clubs that Nathan could get into. He was hooked on the infectious dance rhythms and electronic elements that were not that prevalent on the grunge filled radio stations. Nathan would grow to enjoy most of the releases on the industrial flavored Wax Trax/TVT record label, which would also serve as his first introduction to Underworld. (who’s ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’ album was relased on Wax Trax/TVT) After hearing Underworld Nathan was hooked on electronic dance music.

Nathan received a rave party flyer while attending an industrial concert in October 1995 He and his friend Adam were intrigued as to what kind of music the DJ’s there would be playing. They both attended that party and they were both blown away by the great house music sound and the art of the DJ. Nathan was infactuated by the DJ craft and at that point it was only a matter of time. Three months later Nathan had a basic setup with turntables and a mixer and thus started his DJ journey. In early 2000 Nathan was to DJ at his first rave party. The event was organized by his cousin Anthony, and some of friends who had been in the scene a bit longer than Nathan. He wasn’t actually scheduled to play but the last DJ was kind enough to cut his set short. Nathan played his first record around 5:45 am to a warm reception of one hundred or so people still in attendance. The irony of Nathans first public DJ experience is quite hard to believe, but is synchronistic truth. He played his first event at the same venue and with the same two headliners as the first rave party he attended.

Nathan would eventually go on to play at many other events and night clubs in Salt Lake City Utah alongside big name DJ’s like John Debo, John Creamer, Micro, Christopher Lawrence and Dan Morris. He was a resident at Salt Lake’s Premier late night spot Orbit Cafe and played at various events during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He even played Drum & Bass for a few years to increase his booking interests in Salt Lake City. His passion for dance music and his musical progression has led him to San Francisco.

Since moving to San Francisco in late 2002 Nathan has been fortunate enough to play DJ spots at high profile events such as Spundae, Club 1015, Mighty, Qool, The San Francisco Love Parade, SatelliteSF, and the emerging Opel Productions. Nathan’s sets are solid, deep and infectious and with DJ spots next to the likes of Jerry Bonham, Jondi & Spesh, D:Fuse, The Scrumfrog, and Drityhertz he continues to emerge as a respected DJ both locally and internationally. Nathan is currently working at the recent IDMA winner for ‘Best Dance Music Retail’ as a genre and music specialist. Nathan’s passion for progressive house music has inspired him into producing original tracks. With only 3 finished tracks under his belt and his remix of Simuck’s ‘Remember Me’ winning a ‘runner up’ prize that includes a release on Nathan is emerging as a world class DJ, Musician, and Artist.