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Nat Wendell

London, United Kingdom


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Nat Wendell previously known as Naughty Naf – DJ of a collective called: Ruffneck Records specialises in House music. More specifically, Soulful, Deep, Afro & Tech house music. Nat Wendell has been affiliated with all genres of music ranging from Jungle/Old Skool Garage – Rnb/HipHop to Dancehall. Since the beginning of 2010, Nat Wendell decided to concentrate on what he enjoyed playing & listening to most, House music.

Prior to the switch over from “urban” music to House Nat Wendell has practiced deejying since he was 11 years old. Practicing deejaying started off with Garage Vinyl which was bought weekly, and played on a daily basis after acquiring a pair of turntables. Around 2007 he was introduced to the sound called House via various CDs that were circulating, radio shows & also an event that used to occur every Sunday which was creating a huge buzz around London. After those experiences, Naf was convinced that this would eventually become a necessity in parties then later began collecting music of this genre whilst also collecting other genres to become more versatile, especially that he thoroughly enjoyed the energy and atmosphere that was created by the music.

House music became more and more of priority not only for collection, but for the preferred genre to play when approached by an event organiser. At the start of 2010, Nat Wendell decided to make the official transition from been a versatile DJ to a specialist DJ, playing only House. Since then, he’s been on his journey which consists of putting out a CD named after the entity Ruffneck Records and the type of music on the CD, predominantly Soulful house.

Ruffneck Soul – Ruffneck Soul is a CD Nat Wendell compiles and mixes himself which is hosted by Attillz strictly for promotional purposes. Ruffneck Soul contains Soulful, including Afro & Deep House which to him represents the type of House music he loves and is currently been played worldwide thanks to the internet. Also during this transition Nat Wendell has been a resident DJ at an event called Taboo which was a monthly event and saw some of London’s top DJs playing on a monthly basis. Nat Wendell has also been booked to play house music at the following venues in London: Mustard Bar, Chapel Bar, Stratford Rex, Penthouse, Departure Lounge, Jamies, Agenda, Murphis, APT, Rhythm Factory, The Cuban, The Cresent, Blag Club, The Cuban, Anexo Bar, Platinum Bar, Fluid, IF Bar, Ruby Lo, Pitcher & Piano.

Nat Wendell is still on the never ending journey developing a better understanding for house music, the scene whilst trying to delve deeper into the sound called House by constantly networking and consistently compiling Ruffneck Soul mixes.

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