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Nasti Moto

Barcelona, Spain


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When Nasti is not busy touring or working on radio shows you’ll find her in the studio. ‘Music is my world’ she says, ‘I love to produce. It’s the time I take to express how I feel in the moment or generally in life. It reflects my strengths and weaknesses, my happiness and sadness.’

Miss Moto has been establishing herself as a brand for the past couple of years. She has been spotted performing at major shows across the UK, Ibiza, Germany, India and Cyprus and has toured alongside DJMag TOP100 artists in the likes of Infected Mushroom and Astrix. Highlights include performing at the 02 Arena – London, Q club – Birmingham, Eden Club – Ibiza, Concorde 2 – Brighton, Spiritual Healing Festival – Germany and Blue Frog – Mumbai.

Nasti Moto’s stage name came as part of her real name Nastia Motovilova. Born in Moscow and bred in Cyprus since the age of 2, Nasti moved to London by the age of 16 where she graduated with excellence in fashion design at the renowned University of the Arts. Shortly thereafter, she completed a course at London School of Sound which led to her first steps into the music industry.

‘My mom says that when I was little I always used to say: “when I grow up, I’ll either paint or dance” I guess I sort of did both!’ Nastia has always been the artistic type. She won first prize on a National Arts Award in Cyprus at the age of 11, took ballet classes for 9 years, and studied the piano since the age of 6.

Influenced by many genres in the electronic music scene, Nasti likes to experiment by ‘crossing genres’, which is reflected in her live performances. Her music can be classified as Tech Trance, a hint of Drum & Bass and dirty analogue sounds.

Nasti’s experimental track ‘Elephants on Acid’ has become highly popular without it ever even being released. ‘I really don’t know how that happened. I was fooling around in the studio and decided to make Elephants on Acid. It’s not even finished or mixed to a standard I would be happy with. So I send it to a couple of friends and next thing I know it’s on youtube with a funny animation taken from a scene from a Disney cartoon and its hitting so many views! Now that video is all over the internet’.

‘Elephants on Acid’ is not Nasti’s only production that has gotten so much attention. Her latest tech trance track ‘Haydn’ (now available on Beatport), is gradually becoming a success, with DJs playing it all over the world.

Don’t be mistaken, Nastia’s production skills are not the only object of her growing success. Her live shows are known to always cause a stir on the dance floor. The energy levels of her stage appearance are so high, they transmit into the crowd leaving them screaming with excitement.

‘I don’t find a party a success unless the people become ecstatic. They are there to have fun and I want them to dance with their souls and leave any worries behind. That’s my job. I find myself to be a failure if I don’t achieve that’.

Nastia has just returned from her 2011 Tour of India and is already working on her new music and truthfully, we cannot wait any longer!

A few quotes about Nasti Moto:

“Her live sets are said to be magical like Unicorns in a forest or like flying cats, so powerful it can turn an introvert into an extrovert”

- Jiyaad Samaai,

“Thank you for the set and for a great show! We had loads of good clean fun.’’

- Noy Philosof, Kol Netanya 106FM

‘’It is an honour & I’m proud to present the first lady from Ibiza, Queen of Trance and Electronica: Nasti Moto’’

— Allan Modeweg Hansen, Female DJ Stage