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Naomi Nye

Miami, United States


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DJ.Naomi Nye has had a blazing passion for music since early childhood. Being an American as well as an European citizen broadened her musical palate. Latin/Mediterranean, Booty Bass and Miami Freestyle was an intricate part of her life. Yet she never experienced anything remote to when she watched DJs Sasha and John Digweed live " It was amazing. I remember asking for the name of a few songs that were played that night. When I heard the singles, they sounded nothing like they did on that evening. It was then that I got a zest for djing". She purchased her first set of turntables in 2001 and began practicing at Brickhouse Studio, (home of Native Vox Records) where Naomi and brother, Omniscient (Grammy Nominee) recorded their first album. In 2002 Naomi landed her first gig at one of Miami’s hottest spots, Nikki Beach. In the summer of the following year she, along with partner Nicolle Leeberg opened the doors to the eclectik Slak Lounge. During that year Naomi booked stellar artists to host events like DJ. Le Spam and the Allstars, ‘Cool Times’ with Ben and Ryan, and the notorious Kitchen Club. It didn’t take long before Slak transcended into the hang out for club owners, artists and local celebrities like Shakira and the Iglesias brothers. They held an After Hours Sunday party where Naomi played along DJ’s David Padilla, DHM, Matt Martinez, and other Miami DJs. She played at Space, Crobar, Opium, Blue, W6, WMC, The Womb Internet Radio, Slak Lounge & Private Celeb parties in Star, Fisher and Marco Island. Naomi received accolades in D’Vox, Street, Miami New Times, Ocean Drive, Boca Raton, Traveler, and Ego Trip magazine. Her growing success was soon shadowed by illness impeding her career from going any further at the time. The Doors to Slak Lounge were closed and DJ. Naomi Nye moved to Europe for better health care and to be amongst family. During the next 16 months she played at renowned night clubs as Cielu, Pacha, Space,UP6 and local Raves in Barcelona. She returned to the United States to pursue a Recording Arts degree and fulfill her dream of becoming a Producer/Sound Designer. During her time at Full Sail Real World Education, she had the fortune to work with many talented artist. One of the singles, titled ‘Afrika’ Naomi produced with artist Aeon is now being seen on MTV. She was the winner of the Audio Post competition and worked with gifted students in the creation of the one minute demo of her cartoon series, “SoBe Life”, a project she will be shopping after the release of her first book “Programmed for Life” release date expected Winter 2010-2011. Since graduating Full Sail Naomi has played at clubs Sky60, Crooked Bayou, Suite B, Key West, Atlantic Shores, Blue. Atlanta, Halo, WMC 2010, Bella Rose, and had a weekly show on Thursdays at the Dropshop internet Radio. If DJ. Naomi Nye possesses one gift it’s the art to intermix with her surroundings, not only musically but visually as well incorporating costume, visuals and her vocals on the mic. She keeps her crowds happy by mirroring their energy and delivering exquisite tunes in return.