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Nano D.A. at an early age started to become interested in electronic music with only 10 years and composed his first samples with synthesized instruments in an 8-bit MSX computer and software chiptunes, electronica lover of 80 were a few years later a principal of the decade of 2000 when fully integrated into the world of electronics used for the implementation of events throughout the province with the promoter and dissolved and which was one of its creators " Xclusive "which took him a few years later to be his first steps as a dj.

In 2005 he decided to enter the academy of the legendary DJ Granada Opera 4 room where his technique and power improved their knowledge of music theory as a teacher taking Dani Rivera (currently resident Dj Sala Morocco in Vigo).

In just a few months his sets could be heard in major concert halls of his hometown venues such as Industrial Copera, Wow Hall, Opera 4, The Power, Suite Room, Sala Quilombo … etc. and in festivals such as Rocket festival (responsible for conducting the main tent cirrus dance in its edition of 2008) or sinusoidal Dragon Festival festival …

In 2009 MARC THROW begins with a new stage in his career and that next to the track produces a number which many of them see the light empienza mid-2010 with record companies of the stature of Janemba RECORDS (Madrid) or NOCTURNAL SOUND RECORDS (Granada) among many others, being in late 2010 when it has consolidated itself as one of its courts “DRUMDEANDO” with Marc Throw manages to stay over 2 months in the top 100 techno sales in major global and download portals is Trackitdown.

We have also enjoyed the performances of Nano DA & Marc Throw under the name of “THE CRASH DUMMIES” moniker they use in their performances to 4 courses dedicated to the purest style Techno.

DA Nano also directs and produces “Radio Music in Motion” a radio show dedicated entirely to the current electronic music in the popular radio station SOUND DIVA