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N&R Project

Club Family Records, Defcon Recordings, Music En Route
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N&R Project is a progressive tech trance duo, consisting of the two participants – Sergey Babich and Alexander Kochetkov.

N&R Project is Russian Project founded in 2010 year. Since then guys were released on labels such as Silent Shore Records, Unearthed Records, Trance All-Stars, Defcon Recordings, Music En Route, Nile Tunes Recordings, Promind Records and wrote remixes for such artists as Dart Rayne, DoubleV, Alpha Force, TN, Sergey Shabanov, Anske, Sunset Slave, K-Narf, Tristan Armes, Bilal El Aly and many more. Repeatedly played by Sean Tyas, Roger Shah, Pedro Del Mar, Bobina, Manuel Le Saux, Abstract Vision and DSI, Philippe El Sisi, Aurosonic, Alex M.O.R.P.H and Woody van Eyden, DJ Feel and many other great producers and DJs. Also guys have their own show on Discover Trance Radio and DA Radio – Movement over infinity.

“We are always trying to find something new in our tracks and we are open to any style of music, that`s why we experiment so much and we really glad people like our tunes and what we are doing!"

For more info, check the following links:!/NandRproject