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Nando Rodriguez

Palma, Spain


Avioground Records, Gam Recordings, Hermine Records
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Nando Rodriguez was born in Jaén(Spain) and grew under the influence of all kinds of musical styles

in its infancy. He started producing music after moving to Mallorca

(also known as Palma de Mallorca)

the music sounds totally different now than it used to be at that time.

His Tracks are now made ​​with electronic beats, percussion, drums and beautiful melodies.

In his live sets, you can definitely expect the least expected of him.

and not closed in the same style.

It may not be able to simply define their music style.

He has produced music of various styles Deep House, House, Minimal,TechHouse and Techno. (many variants)

Always developed to provide the best quality, innovative sounds that the public

appreciate and enjoy. His work has achieved and be recognized

Italy and Slovenia for the public and the DJs.

Now is when it really conveys what people term as Feeling,

without breaking the Online House now recreates his mind based on sounds Lounge, Chill, Dub, Deep, Funk,

all well expressed in relaxing and audible Tracks.


-Nando Rodriguez Half Sugar Please (100 Th Anniversary: Disc 3) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez Sweet As Your Eyes (Original Mix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez Half Sugar Please (Original Mix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez Ways Of Fate (Original Mix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez Heaven (Original Mix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez Nice And Cool (Original Mix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez On The Second Floor (Original Mix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Nando Rodriguez Special Flat (Original Mix) (House Of Music)

-Nando Rodriguez Poschl Tabak (Original Mix) (House Of Music)

-Nando Rodriguez Dante´s Beach (Original Mix) (UDTK Records)


-Yariv Etzion (Remix) Sweet As Your Eyes (Hypnotic Room)

-Raditz Room “Mashed Mix”(Remix) Sweet As Your Eyes (Hypnotic Room)

-John Barlez A Trip To The Moon (Nando Rodriguez Tech Trip Remix) (Elektrax Music)

-Raditz Room Keripik Kentang (Nando Rodriguez Remix) (Hypnotic Room)

-Dich Ways Of Fate (Dich Remix) (Hypnotic Room)