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Nancy Burrello

Brussels, Belgium


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Who cares? You? You really want to know? Well, ok then. But I’ll be brief ‘cause there is not much to say. I didn’t expect to be a dj, I was a psychologist before, yes it’s true. I discovered nightlife and djing really late! I met a few dj’s in Brussels and they became my friends. I was curious about the way they choose their vinyl’s. I was surprised by their excitement to go to the dj shop once a week to listen new sound from this or that kind of label or producer. And naturally, I tried by myself to do the same thing. I bought my first Technics slMKII in 2007 and friends like Murvin Jay or Sweatshop encouraged me to go further, in front stage!! Fortunately, people liked what I was playing and so, here I am now. I enjoy to play in clubs like the Fuse, Wax club, Libertine Supersport and I like to play also in party’s such as Zukunft, Catclub, Statik Dancin’, Piknik Elektronik, Apéros urbains and so on…I’m the resident of the D-lite party’s also. In the mean time, I met Danny Menheere who proposed me to produce with him in 2009….and now…we’ve just signed our first track on the mythic belgian label Bonzai Progressive (octobre 2011) thanks to the artist called Airwave!!! So, it’s fresh and new, let see what will happen.

To be continued… :)