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  • Endless: Nakadia, Lino Fuso, Bohemien

    Orange Yard

    Tue 22nd June 8 PM
  • Endless: Nakadia, Lino Fuso, Bohemien

    Orange Yard

    Tue 20th July 8 PM
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Born as a farmer’s daughter in Thailand’s poor Isaan province, nobody expected that this cute little girl would change the music scene of her country, as Nakadia most certainly has done. Nakadia was always open-minded and looking for new experiences, which took her through various jobs, until she came to Europe on a modeling assignment in 2002. During this trip she got listen to electronic music for the first time in her life. This experience changed her life, as she immediately knew: she was born to become a DJ!

From the very first start in 2003 until now, Nakadia’s development as a DJ has been as unique as it gets. She bought turntables and started practicing with a very limited amount of music. Already during her first days of practice she found out that the record she had bought was not the music she was looking for. Over the years she worked her way through various styles and genres, until she found herself in deep house, tech-house and minimal influenced techno. Deejays at the beginning of their career usually follow their idols or have experienced club music for many years. Nakadia was completely without

influence from any source. She bought her record just by ear, not by producer, label or style. This different and open-minded approach has made her the unique artist she is today, respected by all who witnessed her on stage, and turned her into the most successful Asian techo-/tech house artist.

Until September, 2011 Nakadia played over 500 international performances at top clubs around the world, such as “D’Edge” (Sao Paulo) “Cafe D’ Anvers” (Antwerp) “Tresor” (Berlin) “MAD” (Lausanne) “Sugar Factory” (Amsterdam) or “Prince” Riccione and some of the biggest European Festivals such as “Loveparade” (Germany) “Sonne Mond und Sterne” (Germany) “Queensday” (Amsterdam) “7th sunday festival” (Holland), “Summer of love festival” (Czech Republic) “Juicy Beats festival (Germany).

A tour schedule filled many months ahead, does not leave much time for studio work. This has always been the downside of Nakadia’s success as a touring DJ. She managed to release a few tracks between 2006 and 2008, however she was not satisfied with the results and Nakadia decided for herself to continue producing, but she would only give tracks free for release once the time has come that her tracks would be of the highest quality. This time has come now – at the end of 2011! Earlier this year she moved to Berlin

on a 2-year artist visa and finally she had many free weekdays to spend at the studio. Today, with her home base in Berlin, Nakadia has become THE Asian face on the Europan DJ scene. With her amazing upcoming releases – to be released on a regular basis from early 2012 onwards: During 2012 Nakadia will take her unique career to the next level…