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Under the name “Nader” (which is also my first name) I have been DJing for many, many years. Before that, I played in a crossover band called “Bicycle Repairman” (guitar & voice). In 1994 I started to spin (DJ) and in 1998 to play live electronic music. Apart from my own project I had various projects with other musicians like, “Repos” (keys), “Betinsky” (voice & keys), “Smooth” (voice), and “Dunvær” (guitar). At that time I used mainly vinyl in conjunction with different effect units for my mixing. Later, in 2003 I was one of the five initiators of the famous “Dachkantine” club in Zurich. Do to the tremendous success of the club, I soon was completely engaged, and had no time to push ahead with my live projects. After the club got shut down in 2006, after three busy years, I decided to pick up where I had previously left off.

February 2009 marked my first international release, a remix of Daniel Boon’s “Ding Dong” on “BuyYouSellMe” Records. “Rocket Launcher Team”, and some other remixes followed 2009/2010 on labels like “Empro Music” and “Muenchen”. In 2011 I will be a release on “Nice try Records”.

Being a technology driving individual, I soon jumped on the digital & 4chanel DJ movement, taking Djing to the next level. Traktor DJ Pro provided the optimal platform for cutting edge dj, loop, and live performances. Mixes:

My musical style is generally based on minimal beats, Techno, or Tech House, with some elements of Dub. Moods ranging from sweet, sexy, to dark and underground.

My party labels “Party Garantie (@ Frieda’s Büxe)”, “NS Huebsche (@ Hive)” and “Der Party Renner (@ Cabaret)” have recently been a great success to my credit. (Facebookgroup: ns renner garantie (hübsch, nicht?)

I have also produced soundtracks for various TV productions like “SwissAir-Grounding”.

Looking to the future, there are more releases planed for 2011 on “Hive Audio” and other labels. There may even be an entire Nader Album release in 2011, stay tuned!


[email protected]

Mobil: 0041 76 332 96

Infos / Gigs:

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- Albula

- Alte Börse

- Besamemucho

- Cabaret

- Club Q

- Club Ziel

- Cocuna

- Dachkantine

- Embargo

- Flush

- Frieda’s Büxe

- Haerterei (City Fox)

- Hermetschloo

- Hive

- Hubertus

- Kaserne

- Kaufleuten

- Labitzke

- Lethargy

- Loop38

- Nordbrücke

- Palais Xtra

- Papiersaal

- Pfingstweide

- Revier

- Rohstofflager

- Rote Fabrik

- Sankt

- Seebad Enge

- Sous Sol

- Stall 6

- Subzero

- Supermarket

- Superzero

- Tente Rouge

- Toni Molkerei

- Walcheturm

- Zukunft

- 45 Grad


- Ab und zu, Schatzalp Davos

- Albani, Winterthur

- Amadeus, Bern

- Angst im Tunnel, Bern

- Beatclub, Schaan (Li)

- Bad House St Johann, Basel

- Boa, Luzern

- Bolgenschanze, Davos

- Break da Röschtigraben Festival, Lausanne

- Captainsrave, Schatzalp Davos

- Cava, Davos

- ELF, Bern

- Formbar, Bern

- Frison, Fribourg

- Funambolo, Basel

- Graffitti, Bern

- Gaskessel, Bern

- Kaffee Mokka, Thun

- Kraftfeld, Winterthur

- Kugl, St Gallen

- La Ruche, Lausanne

- Laborbar, Bern

- Legend, Biel

- Liquid, Bern

- Lötschberg, Bern

- Luzern Nord, Luzern

- Merker, Baden

- Miracle X, Luzern

- Natura Pura

- Nordstern, Basel

- NT Areal, Basel

- Pincode, Riazzino

- Plan B, Bern

- Reaktor, Winterthur

- Schiff, Basel

- Snails, Buchs

- Soultown, Solothurn

- Stadtkeller, St Gallen

- Studio 54, Bellinzona

- Vinyl Club, Lausanne

- Vision Festival

- Zeppelin, Flawil


- Bar 25, Berlin (D)

- Duala, Ravensburg (D)

- Fusion Festival (D)

- Golden Gate, Berlin (D)

- Harry Klein, München (D)

- Mondsucht, Heidelberg (D)

- Registratur, München (D)

- Schloss in Langenargen, (D)

- Subkultureller Herbst, Heidelberg (D)

- Suicied Circus, Berlin (D)

- Poolbar, Feldkirch (A)

- Rauch, Feldkirch (A)

- Finca Jasmina, Ibiza (E)

- Ghoa Beach Club, Barcelona (E)

- Hotel ME, Barcelona (E)

- Lo Cura, Ibiza (E)

- Maritimo, Barcelona (E)

- Nature Club, Madrid (E)

- Raum, Barcelona (E)

- Reunion, Ibiza (E)

- Rockbar, Ibiza (E)

- Sa Trinxa, Ibiza (E)

- Godet, Istanbul (Türkei)

- Redroom, Istanbul (Türkei)

- BB, Baleal (Portugal)

- Beatclub, Schaan (Li)

- Levitar, Buenos Aires (ARG)

- Me robo el corazon, Viña (Chile)

- Playa Club, Reñaca (Chile)