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Santiago, Chile

House, Progressive House

DNW Records, Escada Music
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Felipe Nadeau, also known as DJ Nadeau was always a music lover. He was born at 1983 and his first cassette was Signos from Soda Stereo at the age of 6; later he got more music, Guns ’n Roses, Metallica, Depeche Mode and other tapes.

Through his life he was always exploring new forms of music, starting from the ol’ school Rap (in that time he was a great rap dancer that’s for sure!) to the most actual and crazy Psy Trance, but he also likes a lot of different music from New Wave, Darkwave, Gothic Music, some Gangsta Hip Hop and Black&Power Metal, some EBM too, later he discovered the beauty of Trance, Techno, House and Goa .

Nadeau loves music most of all. His favorite band of all times is Depeche Mode, where he got a lot of influences.

Most important of all, Nadeau thinks that Music is just one big form. Styles are just derivations; music should always be music, with different tones, different instruments, different people, different looks, but always Music. Musicians should be the ones who LOVE the sound of music in all its forms, away from the world worst feelings, without pre judgments, with open mind and open heart, in that way musicians can fight for a better world, without the use of weapons, instead, using just the beauty of Music and their songs.