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London, United Kingdom

Dubstep, House

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Started throwing hardcore/rock parties when he was 14 then progressed to Dubstep/DnB parties when he was 16 and all genres of music when he was 18. Started mixing professionally around the year 2006, in the US, when he purchased his first DJ console, a Behringer BDJ 2000, and started throwing parties. He has mixed in the US at various parties and in Romania, his native country, at Dubstep/DnB Sessions on 100Fm, and in two clubs, Metal Box and Jazz.

He have arrived in the UK in September 2007 and he has tried to mix in some clubs but he was always too lazy to record a demo, so he started out by holding outrageous parties in his university campus, Canterbury Christ Church University.

After he got banned for throwing parties in student accommodations, he decided that it was time to take the next step and finally recorded a demo. Of course, the first demo wasn’t any good so he never sent it off, but he didn’t need to because he has gained reputation from the parties and his friends suggested he started a regular thing, so he sorted out a Romanian Night in The Loft, one of Canterbury’s clubs. The night was a complete success, with 60 of us being thrown out after the club shut down because we wouldn’t leave. After this night he said, ‘ok, now I’m going to dedicate my time to actually doing something cool’, so he finally finished the demo he wanted to send out. …and he did.

A week later, he received a call from the Entertainment Manager of Alberry’s, calling he for a test…and he got called again and again and again….

Since then he has progressed a lot with his DJ and production skills, he is currently Entertainment Manager of Bassmental Nightclub and helps run/participates in organizations/promotion groups such as: Vibe, Breakology, Bass-Ment Drum ’N’ Bass & Dubstep etc#(too many to list here) and holding a series of his own nights, as well as having his own promotion group, aimed at promoting young artists that compose/sing/mix good music. His sets and nights consist of music, including but not limited to:

RnB/Hip-Hop/UK Funky/Funky House/Electro House/Club House/House(all styles)/Dance/Pop/Urban/Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Mash-ups/Indie/Rock

His mixing skills rely on doing 2-3-4 deck mixes, mostly cd, but he can play vinyl if requested. These skills have been confirmed by various DJ competitions that he entered in, and won. Competitions include: „The Battle of the Student DJ’s” competition, “King of The Decks Dj Competition” in which I was the regional winner for the Urban category (rnb/hip-hop/house/dubstep) in Canterbury and Ashford. “The Big London DJ competiton” – getting him to play in Ibiza and “DJ for the Masses” competition.

During his club ventures he has played alongside artists such as: Aphrodite, Nicky Blackmarket, Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith, Slipmatt, Billy Bunter, Erb ‘N’ Dub, Dub Zero, Nicole Jane, 3rus TRG and others.

His current projects involve more than just mixing and promoting, he currently produces tracks and mash-ups for radio shows or other artists, creates flyers/posters for events and also intros/outros/dj tools etc.

UK and International Club List:

San Antonio, Ibiza, ES: Viva, Godfathers

London, UK: Pacha, Club Life, Cargo, The Egg, Le Fez

Ashford, UK: Bassmental (Entertainment Manager)

Canterbury, UK:

Alberry’s (Entertainment Manager)


The Bizz – The Works – Baabars, ,

The FarmHouse,

The Run of The Mill,

The Loft,

The Lighthouse,

The Venue

Whitstable,UK: The Brewery Bar

Maidstone,UK :R Bar

Ramsgate,UK :James’s Bar

Chippenham, Swindon,UK: E11ens

Westbury, Whiltshire,UK: Club Ice

Bristol,UK: Lakota

Margate,UK : Escape

Timisoara, Romania: INCA, Jazz Club,

Potenza, Italy: Ill Café

Sound Art Works:

Open Ear (25 March), Broadstairs

J.G.Ballard Memorial in collaboration with Janek Schaefer, Canterbury

Produced Tracks:

Nachos – Soprano(Original Dubstep Mix)

Nachos – Feelings(Remember)

The Force – Welcome to Earth(Nachos Dubstep Remix)

Nachos – Questions

Nachos – Come On

Nachos – He Has a Dream(Dubstep) & (VIP)

Nachos – Out the Window(Original Mix)

Nicole Jane – Is it Me(Nachos Funky Remix)

Pitbull – I Know you want me (Nachos Re-fix)

Everything But The Girl – Missing (Nachos Dubstep Remix)

The Scorpions – White Dove (Nachos Drum and Bass Remix)

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