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Nab Brothers

Cairo, Egypt


Mega Drive Records, Nile Tunes Recordings
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Real name : Ahmed el nabawe & Tarek el nabawe

genre : trance & progressive.

Its all started when Ahmed got his first keyboard at the age of 5, after that he started

playing piano at the age of 14 .

This was infectious to his little brother Tarek.

they influenced by trance, after listening to different kinds of music & decided what they have to do.

after listening to loads of tracks & many researches about electronic & trance music

they started to work together, help each other to improve there musical skills and that’s when Nab Brothers started.

Nab Brothers the DJ duo from Cairo, Egypt are now one of the upcoming talents in the music scene

and supported by some of the best DJs in the scene like Roger shah ,Suzy solar & Joe shadows.

Influenced by many great DJs such as : Tiesto ,Paul van dyke ,Armin Van Buuren & many Others .