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N Tchbl

Belgrade, Serbia

Progressive House

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“Serbian DJane who predefined progressive house.” – Cacao Beach Club Management, Bulgaria

Marija Nikolic aka. N-tchbl, born and raised in Serbia. Growing up on darkened and quite depressive sounds of ’90 Seattle grunge scene and new wave sound, bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Joy Division, Depeche Mode and somewhat more epic Pink Floyd left a deep scar that shows up as present even in her nowadays sound.

At the end of 90’s she discovered electronic music. Deep Dish, Satoshi Tomiie, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Sasha and Martin Garcia led her to the revelation that progressive house with darkish heavy-bass underground background was something that suits her the most. Obsessed with CD stores and collecting vinyls and CDs she fell in love with it, progressive house was something she wanted to live and love.

After “breaking the ice” in 2006th on the very first party she’s played, many more followed. In 2008th she became a part of “The iFACE Agency” that collects the best house and progressive artists of Serbia. Besides of the fact that she’s played every important venue in her country for the matters of electronic music, with her unique sound she’s also the rare one from her country that gained international popularity very quickly. Playing in one of the best world club by DJ Mag jury opinion – “Escape” in Sofia – opened the door of the whole world to her, many inquiries from all around the globe followed. The list of the artists she collaborated and was supported from is rather impressive, to name just a few in here – Moshic, Oliver Morgenroth, Kintar, Faskil, Kliment, Dark Soul Project, DJ Tarkan, Mark Youssef, Mehmet Akar, Andrez and many more.

Her music was immodestly broadcasted on all of the worldwide radiostations, also been a host of her own monthly shows on two different radios. After a dozen of guestmixes on friskyRadio, the trophy finally came – she was invited to record the prestigious “Artist Of The Week” set in in September 2010. The “never dreamt of” dream came true.. and it was not the end. In March 2011 she became a resident of friskyRadio by starting her own “SUBLIMINAL on friskyRadio” montly show that’s still going on.. bringing her the opportunity to present the whole new side of deep and dark progressive sound, the female way. Progressive sound that made her fall in love with it back in the previous decade and let that sound never be forgotten.