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DJ Mystik Mike, Labeled the DJ born with headphones around his neck, hails from the west end suburb of Toronto called Mississauga. With over 20 years experience Mystik Mike has pleased audiences worldwide both big and small with his smooth mixing ability and stage presence. It all began in the early 90’s when Mystik Mike Landed his first residency in an all ages club called “Planet Rock”, the night was called “hott boxx” Fridays and that’s exactly what it was for almost 2 years. Until that point, Mystik was influenced by classic house, disco, rare grooves, and hip hop, but that changed as the early rave scene exploded on the shores of north America in the mid 90’s, a new sound and culture hit the streets and it was time to evolve with that.

On Sept the 14th 1996, Mystik Mike did an underground, un advertised performance at The legendary “Liquid Adrenaline” Rave party series called “Back 2 Back 2”, and had a massive response on the dance floor. It was that moment that changed everything. By June 28, 1997 Mystik attained legendary status and attained a permanent spot in the Liquid Adrenaline Main Arena. Outside of the massive rave parties, Mystik Mike landed a residency in one of Toronto’s most Memorable and historic nightclubs on a Friday night called XIT. A night that would go on to last 4 years and 3 venues. During the reign of XIT Fridays, Mystik Mike was also introduced for the first time to a microphone on a local radio station called GLOBAL GROOVE NETWORK and soon became the hottest radio show host and DJ, broadcasting on CHIN Radio 100.7FM. The radio station where he is still currently employed till this present day. As time went on and dance floor space became scarce, Mystik Mike decided to open up a club in the heart of the club district in Toronto called " Cream"

Since then, Mystik has been featured in many cities throughout the world including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Minneapolis, Kingston, Halifax, New York, Cleveland, Santo Domingo DR, Porto Vallarta Mex. and Sydney Australia just to name a few, and has played on bills alongside many of the worlds elite house DJs such as Josh Wink, Robbie Rivera, Seb Fontaine, Bad Boy Bill, Derrick May , Derrick Carter, The Stick men, D-Wynn and many others too numerous too mention.

More recently, Mystik has taken up Music Production and has produced tracks such as " Take Me Higher feat Amanda Costa" and his latest feel good track called “Theres No Escape feat Lena Mar” and has had much success with those and other collaborations with DJ Steve Venom on Tracks " Dreams" and “Higher Baby feat Gorgeous P”

His sound is versatile but can be best described as pumpin’ yet dark sometimes tribal and always funky. Look for Mystik Mike to rock a dance floor near you because one thing is for sure — You’ll know when he’s on!!