ENGLISH VERSION : Johan was born in 1983 near Paris and today lives in Charleville Mézières (north-eastern France). He was drawn into Electronic Music from an early age,... read more



Johan was born in 1983 near Paris and today lives in Charleville Mézières (north-eastern France). He was drawn into Electronic Music from an early age, thanks notably to the 90’s House and Dance music which attracted him so much.

In 1999 he starts to get an interest in music composition and computer mixing, still very underdeveloped at this time.

In 2003, he buys his two first Turntables and a few Records. He starts to gather attention by finishing 2nd at the Oxygen-Team’s contest (a local Belgian Crew). He becomes an Oxygen resident for 2 years, allowing him to mix with DJs such as Fixtrax, Franky Jones, Tofke…

He becomes part of Electro-userz with his friend Marco Gayo in 2005, allowing him to mix in many French and Belgian venues and parties; Like the Krhum-Bar and the expo-park in Charleville, Nights in Aiglemont, few gigs at the Bloody Moon near Givet in Seloigne, Brussels, Liège (BE)…

In 2007, he becomes Resident from the Marbrier club (Chimay-Rance, BE) with his friend Dj Krystal.

He was Resident for the annual St Remy youth parties in Chimay, provided by Mr Djé ( in 2007 and 2008, and still with Dj Krystal.

In 2009 the Mabrier club introduces a new concept: a 100% French electro and progressive night with Oza and Krystal.

In parallel, the first “We Are The Future” festival is organised at Les Mazures (fr). This first Edition was a big success.

At the end of 2009, Johan joins the Phantasiaworld Team, a Belgian artistic crew, aim to provide shows to clubs and events, and gigs to Djs.

In 2010, the second edition of the “We Are The Future” Festival is a big success again. At the same time, He plays in few Clubs and few Events in Belgium, like the Pulse Factory, the Opus Club… and in France, like for exemple Couloured City, at the end of the year, in Charleville.

In 2011, He plays for a few Electro-userz shows, as well as K fé-in parties. The 3rd edition of We are the future festival is a huge success and allowed Johan to play with one of his mentors: the French DJ/Producer RPO, as well as several other international headliners. In June there was his last show with Electro Userz (Music Day @ Rocroi, w/ Solidarocks).He leaves the Electro-Userz crew after 6 years of services, to focus on his solo career, his new family, and a partnership with the Phantasiasworld team.

His influences since the beginning was dj like: Sander Kleinenberg, Sasha and John Digweed of course, such as Dave Seaman, James Zabiela, French man RPO or even Belgians Tc Brain, Marko de la Rocca, Pole Folder …

Finding now his own style and adapting himself to his audience, his sets are real little stories,, spanning from tech house to melodic progressive, or more club designed music. Since 2011, he is exploring some alernatives ways of the Progressive Music genre, like Pyschedelic-Progressive, smoothy Techno, Pumping Prog, Trance Prog…

To be continued