Top 50k on The DJ List


Guadalajara, Mexico

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno


He started his DJ career in 2001 and played in famous Korean clubs such as: Maiku, Red Dragon, Asus, Extreme Music, Cloud, Astra, Akira and many more. As so many DJ’s he also started an artist career in 2004.Since then he is signed to Ministry Of Sound Records. His first single Olmec became a big club hit in Italy. At this stage people started watching artists like Dj MyR for playing on big raves such as May Day, Energy, Street Parade, Nature One, Trance Energy, Mysteryland, Sensation Black, Dance Valley, Gatecrasher, Techno Geist, Antwerp is Burning, Tomorrowland and much more 2 tell… With his second single he made a big jump into the German market. Rave City became a big success with more than 50.000 sold units. The follow up Calling Aztechno was again a success with 70.000 sold singles. All this was the start of a successful story. A Story About Trance was to be the next Red Dragon Trax single, but due to problems with the club it was changed into a new Dj MyR single. Unfortunately this single didn’t really break anything. Nevertheless his follow up single “Moctezuma Revange” was immediately signed for the world. “Moctezuma Revange” was a top tune and the real international breakthrough for Dj MyR. This single was also the announcement for this first album “Trance Rodeo 2005” containing all the singles from past and future. During this period he started also the musical outlet of the Asus where he was playing. So far he made 4 Asus Trax singles of which the first “The Aztechno Kingdom” and the last single “Opus B” was again successful in Germany.