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Myon & Shane 54 are one of the brightest stars of the so-called new generation of dance music producer / DJs.

Coming from Hungary, the duo have achieved serious success in the international dance music scene; an achievement no artist had done before from their home country. In less than 2 years after they started making music together, the pair were voted into DJMag’s Top 100 DJs at #91. They’ve been producing for the biggest names in the trance scene, are a constant fixture in their record boxes, and the combined sales of everything they’ve done way exceeds the million mark.

Their story started in 2008 when Myon & Shane 54 decided to join forces. By the end of the first year of their existence, they were already household names of the scene with a notable amount of releases and a couple of Beatport number ones behind them.

2009 saw them playing their first big, international event, their ASOT 400 opening set was listened live by millions of trance fans all around the world.

They started their radio show and podcast, International Departures right after the party. The episodes quickly became very popular, partly thanks to the unique approach of shameless mashing up, something of a trademark that has become synonymous with the Hungarian duo. Their extensive tour diary serves the backbone to the International Departures TV Show, a first person view on the life of traveling DJs.

In 2010 they released their first album International Departures Soundtracks – a collection of songs that defined the era and mood of the first season of the TV show. It includes exclusive tracks, remixes, a fine – however far from complete – view on the first 2 years of their career.

Myon & Shane 54 are well known for their different take on dance music, which definitely makes them stand out from the mostly genre-conscious DJ scene. Through the quality of their releases, they already proved that these guys are something to reckon with, and they’re here to stay providing a unique sound, that is truly theirs only.