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DJ MXM “The Mixmaster” is a 31-year veteran of the DJ world. Getting his start in 1979 in small clubs in New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA where DJ MXM learned music, mixing and how to read a crowd. DJ MXM has been very lucky to have played some really great clubs over the years. In the past holding residence’s at Images, Pennsauken, NJ – Christine’s (South Street), Philadelphia, PA – Studio 54, NYC- The Palladium, NYC – Monkey Business, Hilton Head, SC as well as regular guest spots in clubs from London to LA. DJ MXM has had his talent showcased on the airwaves on stations like Sirius Satellite Radio; The Internationally syndicated Mixdown Radio Network,, WXLV – Allentown, PA, WGZO – Hilton Head, SC, and currently on WMPH, Wilmington, DE as well as many others from time to time. Over the years he has done Rave’s. Yes, I mean real rave’s in warehouses that were not exactly legal – But What Fun! He has seen lots of music come and go.

Most of the music MXM plays now is still on vinyl. Considered what most people would call “An Old School Jock”, With 2 Technic’s SL1200MKII’s, a Rane 2016 Rotary Knob Mixer along with Final Scratch 2 DJ MXM is ready to take on any event. DJ MXM is one the pioneers in the world of MP3’s; he has been quoted as saying, It is really nice having a complete library of music in front of you to pull from so you can feel a crowd and adjust to make the party work in any situation.

To him, music is a way of life not just a job. He has said he loves what he does. DJ MXM still tries to teach some of the up and coming jocks how to DJ and all that goes with it. The club world is a whole different animal then the quote – unquote real world. After having been out there and he says “believe me spinning is the way to go”.

Mid 2006 DJ MXM started producing his own music. With the release of his first single “Trance Energy” he entered the next level of the electronic Dance Music Scene. Recently releasing his latest single “Night Virus” he added to his poplularity by having both fans of his DJ skills and fans of his music into one unique show.

MXM said he is looking forward to the next 28 years in this business and what it my bring and looks forward to seeing everyone out on the road in the near future!