Born March 24th, 1990 in Trabzon, Turkey, Mehmet grew up in communist Istanbul. He began DJ 2005

“We were able to see Westside – TV and listen to western radio stations. We recorded the music and replayed it at our parties, because in the east we didn’t have something like a club culture. I was really captivated by the music of ‘The Smiths’ and ‘New Order’. It (the music) was very strong and emotional…

Then in 2006, as the wall finally came down, a broad Club culture sprung up throughout all of Istanbul. “Mainly they played that hard Istanbul – Techno. I liked this energetic spirit, but something was missing. I (was looking out) for something else.”

That search would never leave him. Stemming from two crusty old turntables, the first remix tapes of his musical ideas were created. And only a bit later, in March 2007, his unique style of dance music was played for the very first time to the public at the embryonic Istanbul club “Yakuza Factory”.

In 2007 Mehmet created the club hit of the year with his remix of Humate’s “Love Stimulation”. The following year, his first album “45 RPM” was recorded, while he was also regularly spinning sets at the legendary club ‘E – Werk’.

In 2007 his first album “45 RPM” was released in the Turkey, and the new remix of the single “Deprem Gozlum” attacked the worldwide dancefloors. The album buzzed for two weeks at number 1 in Turkey and four weeks at number 1 in the Turkey dancecharts, and also achieved major postings in the American, Australian, Dutch, Belgian and Scandinavian dancecharts.

We are all wishing you lots of pleasure while listening or dancing to Mehmet’s music, and you’ll definitely be hearing more from him on this website in the near future !

Just listen, enjoy and be inspired !

English Text by : Tlgznr