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London, United Kingdom

Progressive House

AKA: Dylan Barnes & Rob Davy

Fistolo Records LLC, Fun Recordings, Functional
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Dylan Earl Barnes and Rob Davy have been making music together as Mutiny for the past four years. But then you most probably know that. Since 1996, Mutiny’s sonically diverse single releases have earned them both critical acclaim, and fans, far and wide. DJ Sneak described Secrets as “an incredible disco groove with a mind-blowing vocal”; while MAW liked Bliss so much they licensed it for release on their own US label.

“A swirl of 90s skippety beats and dark basslines, which suddenly resolves into a beautiful vocodered breakdown” cooed Mixmag about Bodybreaker. Mutiny featuring D-Empress New Horizons, meanwhile, bubbled here there and everywhere as an underground vocal hit for months before being propelled toward the top of the club charts after being picked up by Azuli. And now, after a year spent “experimenting” in their studio, the duo have honed their expertise to produce In The Now – an exceptional album that reflects Mutiny’s refusal to fit into a 4/4 stereotype as much as their inherent sense of what makes for a great party in the year 2001.

In The Now.. is out now.

The Virus is the second single this year from Mutiny and is out on the 6th August 2001.