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The names Behind MUTe Music are Roy Sason and Liran Ackerman From Haifa , Israel . Roy and Liran has been around with their project MUTe for 6 years , Playing live at Countless parties Worldwide and releasing Numerous Tracks , Among them some Quite massive hits like " On\off " , " Mechanism " and " Modern Talk " .

As far as it concern to Music and inspirations , Roy and Liran share The same vision . By that , They Try To Mix Their different contexts and distinct backgrounds To A Pure Mash Up , From Techno and Minimal Trance To fat progressive beats .

Roy Sason ( 33 , aka Shidapu ) started his journey of electronic music in 1995 , while he was a member in a legendary Goa Music band named “shidapu”, also with Miki Litvak (domestic) and Erez Izen (Infected Mushroom) . During this part of his musical career he released 2 studio albums and numerous amounts of tracks on Compilations.

Liran Ackerman ( 30 ) got his first music educational at very young age , while he was playing some classic instruments at the local Conservatorium . His eager to electronic music and production came after quite long career as a DJ in a various of Musical Styles.

Since they released their debut album " On\Off " (2009 , Iono Music ) , the request for MUTe has been nothing short of astounding . They started to release numerous tracks on a variety of top labels ( Iono ,Iboga , Echoes , Open Records , Tribal Vision , Blue tunes and more) along with constant remix request for Acts such Ace Ventura, Perfect Stranger, Loud, Ritmo , Kampfer & Dietze , Fiord , Matador and Many more .

It does not matter if you prefer the Innovative sounds of their progressive Appeal or rather their Techno and clubby Style – MUTe is a Way of thinking , and with these two styles of music you will always Find The perfect tune .