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MUTANTBREAKZ is a Spanish electronic music group formed by Ruben Bernal (dj & productor), Angel Tocino (productor& compositor and Keyboard player), and Marcos Cisneros (musician & compositor).They were recognized quickly in the breakbeat scene from the performances in one of the biggest clubs of breakbeat music such as club VISITORS. Not content with this they already had their own radio show and were nominated for the AWARDS BREAKS SPANISH.

They also have reached to be signed by one of the big andalusian promotors of breakbeat like UNIVERSAL EVENTS beeing today an important pilar of this promoter not leaving any lose ends and also are involved in a project named HIGH QUALITY togeather with other artists; a group that gives a new kind of show to the break sound and its public .Mutantbreakz grows like foam and reaches the stages presenting their first live shows ! And bringing to the market their first music jobs under the label named DISTORSIONS RECORDS and THE POOTY CLUB RECORDS being the discografic producters and agents of the label DISTORSIONS RECORDS.

They start receiving critics about their latest works by the well-known music magazine DJ MAG and appearing on it.shareing their music with the rest of the world also participating in the LADY WAKS and MARGARITA tour radio program, many people liked their music and thanks to this they apear as the first international artists. Also participating as judges for diferent dj and productors competitions.

Currently the SETS and LIVES along with their musical style through all scenarios and events inside and outside the peninsula (SUMMER FESTIVAL, HALLOWEEN DAY, FLORIDANCE, ULTRANATION, MADE IN SPAIN, and a long etc..) and creating jobs with national and international artists of different genres such as HOUSE, ELECTRO, DRUM & BASS.