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- Charles Baron was born on June 11th 1984.

- He grew up in a circus, was raised by clowns, and learned to juggle with seals—all of which is going to come in handy in his future career.

- His first sexual experiment was in 1994 with the bearded woman.

- He discovered his love for music in 1995. He was grounded by his parents and forced to spend 12 hours in the attic for robbing purses in the Parisian Metro. Beginning to starve, he found something he thought was licorice. Unfortunately, it was a Brian Adams vinyl and Charles had to spend 6 months in the hospital for food poisoning.

- In his late teens he went from rave to rave under the name of DJ Nocide—spinning music that has been forgotten and left out of history books.

- Charles found his first job in 2004 as a hype man for the french Wheel of Fortune,where he accidentally set the building on fire 3 days later, 25 dead.

- He joined the police force in 2006. Charles was awarded a medal of honor for reporting 3 drug dealers that turned out to be undercover cops. Unfortunately, he was fired from the force for feeding chocolate to police dogs during Easter in 2007, resulting in 4 casualties.

-Later in 2007, while working as a Dead Wildlife Remover on freeways, Charles heard an Emergency Call Box ringing. He casually answered, “Sorry, but you’ve dialed the wrong number.” It turned out to be his future bandmate, “Eka.” The conversation continued and Mustard Pimp was born.

- Then came the long journey on how to use new music technologies:

March 2008: Learned how to burn CDs June 2008: Learned how to use the cue button August 2008: Learned how to make a loop October 2008: Learned how to do FX on a mixer. December 2008: First show as Mustard Pimp

- Between 2009-2012: Touring, releasing stuff, or whatever; check Soundcloud.

During that period Charles kept robbing purses on the train to the Paris’s Airport for a living.

- Then came the time of mistakes. They started to refuse shows in Europe under the pretext that “Jeopardy is not aired over there.” Irritated with these hard times, Charles sent multiple insult letters to other DJs. He signed them by mistake and Mustard Pimp was gradually pushed out of the scene.

- Overwhelmed by the appearance of new technologies, the band decided to stop. Such is the modesty of the artist who erases himself for the sake of the scene.

- Eka disappeared in 2013 attempting to sail solo around the world.

- Charles went on a spiritual journey across Netherlands, where he invested all of his money on a label named “Audiodeaf” that makes music for the deaf.

He lost all of his money and was subsequently sent to a psychiatric facility for being convinced that he was Eddy Murphy.

-Now in 2014 Charles is finally back, without anybody noticing his disappearance.

Time for new Mustard Pimp music.