Murray Richardson Beatport


Music has played a big part in Murray’s life from a very early age. Music of different variety has always appealed to him and an interest in the soulful, the experimental and the obscure, remains with him still today.

His first memory of taking an interest in music comes from playing early TwoTone records with The Specials, The Selector and The Beat being his first major influences, along with Devo and The Clash.

1987 was his first experience of house through the early Trax and DJ International sounds and having been involved in night clubs in Ayr, Scotland, from a young age; it was the original Streetrave “West Coast Jams” at Ayr pavilion that turned him onto the music that still captures his heart today.

Having spent many years living in the capital of Scotland, he quickly established himself as one of the worlds best up and coming house DJs, crafting his deep house style at his early residencies, Genus and Zodiac, before going onto dj in some of the worlds coolest clubs and now with Murray being based in Spain’s most upfront city Barcelona he is perfectly poised for world domination.

After seven years of playing out, the world of house music is now finally getting to realize Murray’s potential and since wining the prestigious “Muzik” magazine, bedroom bedlam award early in his career, there has been no holding this dj back.

Murray has spread his talent with guest spots all over the world, playing in some major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, Moscow, Johannesburg, Capetown, Munich, Warsaw, Bogota, Madrid, Paris, Verona, Ibiza, Brussels, Belgrade, Tokyo, Sydney and Melbourne, to name just a few.

Close to Murray’s heart is his own wicked deep house night, Rebel Waltz, which he has ran himself for nearly four years and which became a major part of the British deep house scene and helped him become an integral part of the British deep house sound. Now in Spain Murray is spreading his deep house vibe with his “Rebel Waltz” night rocking Barcelona and providing the city with one of its best underground house nights with fellow “Rebel Waltz” resident, Stuart Patterson (Soulsonic / Faith).

As with any good DJ, he possesses superb technical ability and a hunger for new sounds. What really sets him apart from many of the other up and coming young guns is his ability to remain part of the vibe and place himself on the dancefloor with his crowd, which is no surprise as that’s exactly where you will find him if he’s not on the decks himself – this is no moody DJ. When you watch him play you know he loves what he’s doing.

Murray spends most of his spare time at present locked into the recording studio as he works on his own production career.

Originally recording as H.O.W Project. for “Finiflex” records back in 1996, the first release, “Listen Carefully”, marked the start of his collaboration with John Vick [ex Finitribe].

In 1998, Murray’s debut solo recording was picked up by Clive Henry and Rocky’s London based label Low Pressings, with the track getting a full international release. On a deep house vibe, the track We Came In Peace by Spacejunk kick started his solo production career and Murray is now signed to two of Britain’s brightest house labels, “20:20 Vision” and “Low Pressings” as well as producing previously for the now defunct “Creative” records and currently for one of Spain’s newest house labels. D.Press Industries. Murray also compiled his first mix compilation cd entitled “House Of Ill Repute” which was released on the internationally known Kickin records in 2001.

With plans well and truly underway for his own house label, this is one busy guy but he realizes that his strength is in his DJing ability as he embarks on a crusade to rock the deeper dance floors across the entire galaxy.


“It’s jazz in the future tense time as Murray hits the button marked deep house, British remould. This is the sound that DIY and Ashley Beadle are pushing forward. It rocks.” – Ben Turner / Muzik magazine

“Murray’s latest mix tape is one of the best tapes from a new dj we have heard in ages.” – Ralph Lawson [20:20 Vision Records] / Muzik Magazine

“Rising star and renaissance man of the Scottish house scene, currently making foundation shaking vibrations around the country.” – Sean Mccarthy / The List

“It’s good to see that DJs like Richardson are prepared to put in the hard work and create a scene of their own, rather than following what everyone else is doing. Definitely one to watch.” – Jim Byers / DJ magazine

“Deep house genius in the making” – Rob Da Bank (Radio 1) / Muzik Magazine

“One of the best new DJs I’ve heard.” – Justin Robertson / Muzik Magazine