Murda Beatport


Born in 1985 Christopher has always had his hand in music. Starting at the young age of 8 Christopher began to play instruments such as piano and trombone in his birthplace of Winnipeg, MB.

Christopher then moved to Calgary, AB at the age of 12, where he met a lot of good friends and great party people. After having grown up in Calgary, Christopher went and had his first bar experience at Tequila nightclub. he noticed the DJ was doing something incredible behind the dj booth and as he would zone his ears in on what was going on he noticed he was scratching.

By this time Chris new he had to take the next step in his musical career and pursue the art of Dj’ing. So in 2003 Christopher joined with a group of friends and helped create the Dj/Producing Group The Fairmount Boyz. Dj Murda was now introduced to the Calgary Dj scene at the young age of 18.

Murda has Played along side some of the best in the buisness such as Rodi Style, Lazy Rich, Dj Czech, Fragma, Bryan Cox, Amber D, Donald Glaude, Titus1, Soulfix, Mark Maitland, Digital Kid, Technikal, The Grimey Technician, Lee Haslam, Dj Tap, Syndacate, CC Rock, Dj Dean and many more…..

Curretly holds a Residency @ Sals on 17th in Calgary, Ab. Dj Murda has also had the pleasure to play Some Big Events in western Canada such as The Tiesto afterparty (Edmonton, AB), Frequency After Party w/Amber D & Lee Haslam.This is One Dj you wont want to miss! Recognized as one of the most energetic and technical house DJ’s in Alberta, Murda’s crowd interation and track selection has brought him almost immediatly to the forefront of Alberta’s dance culture.Murda is a name recognized by party goers for one common reason… when you see him play… you will always leave satisfied!

Dj Murda is trying to make a name for himself as a producer. There will be big things coming from this young 23 year old in the future so keep your eyes and ears peeled.