Mubali Beatport


Mubali is a psychedelic trance dj/producer living a couple hours outside San Francisco, California. He has been a dj for several years and his styles have varied during the course of the past few years… He mainly spins Psychedelic Trance and occasionally Drum & Bass/ Jungle. Within the past year, he has gotten into producing his own Psychedelic Trance and is beginning to get the hang of things.

Having completed at least 19 tracks and will have his first three releases coming up on the Mistress of Evil label, on Illumination Records and on the second compilation from Trishula Records “Mushy Mystery”. He was a violist for 7 years in his adolescence and has been a fan of all types of music, instrumental and non… He is a big fan of all types of psychedelic music, as well as funk, jazz, rock, and heavy metal…. He has found that in electronic dance music, a lot of the structure is similar to classical music. He also has been researching a lot of classical music to use as structural inspiration for his own pieces…