Mtd Beatport


Mahdi Talebi Dehbane born on June 15,1992 is a DJ and record producer of electronic dance music and trance, progressive house also.

In 2001 he founded a trance sound in a TV commercial that was the sash group , and he feel some energy that never have that sense ,he start searching for original mix but as many people know in IRAN music exactly this kind is completely forbidden and he had so many problem to find what he love.

after few years he know Tiesto and feel that he is crazy about him so he start to collect the mixes of tiesto.

in 2007 after the elements of life (tiesto’s album) he started to being a DJ but there is no one to guide him.

In the beginning of 2008 he bought some DJ software and start to remix some hits but he want to do Something else so he start to mix.

At the same time he finished his first studio album that called (Age Of Trance) but he never release it.

After 2 years training hard and study about trance music, he mixes 11 tracks an put them in A album as second studio album called (Highway).

After releasing his album it’s time to know fans opinion about it so he put it in beat port site and waiting for the rating the result was amazing.

Now it’s time to have some non-stop trance mixing to show his ability so hi mix (M.T.D In The Mix) in to 1 hour mixing, he said that it was not thing that I really want so after 2 month he mixed (Over The Top) series. He also has some single mixes in different genre.

M.T.D now is a part of Iranian DJs in Tehran and they are trying to add new genre in trance mood.

He always said that music is just like water you can control it in the way you want but if you forced it will stop moving.