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Rostock, Germany

Electro House, House

Mrok Beatport


In the Year 1983 at the City of Schwerin born MRoK discovered in end of 90 his love to the electronic music. In the beginning he enjoyed still the records by artists like ATB, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto them his attention, this changed in the beginning of 2002. Now these are recognised MRoK found his enthusiasm for the harder sounds and it thus no miracle he now brings the people to move by tracks of Artist like Daft Punk, Joachim Gerraud, Moonbootica etc In the beginning of 2006 MRoK began with it can be on various arrangements in Rostock to point and thus followed this year appearances in the MAU club of Rostock and in Rostock JAZ and also the Escobar and Speicher Club. A highlight was also the first own arrangement in 28.10 in the JAZ where he moved the people into celebration mood together with his partners and good friends Djulien Ferrantes and Jan Phonic. In addition, in the beginning of 2007 still the alias Sunstroke was born. Which stands in following time more for quiet sounds and shows an other side of his electronic Sound.In addition, on different parties like to beispiel “Boomselection” in the Toxis or the “HeimatMelodie” in the KITA RDG he is also active as a VJ, thus it is the most many-sided of the HUK Cru.