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Mr Stone

Naples, Italy

Chill Out, Trance

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Ciro Di Capua – Mr. Stone – Stoneboy.

His devotion to music began as a child when his grandfather let him listen to Pink

Floyd in front of the record-player.

As he grew up, he began to discover new genres, and being Italian, he couldn’t help

coming alongside with Dance music, which in the 90’s drew the crowds in Italy. Some

of his remixes were transmitted by notorious Italian radios like Radio DJ, where he

won several awards.

Very soon the music changed and he realized that that genre was no longer as he

wanted. He came into play trance music.

His passion for composition, created almost as a challenge and that continues to be a

challenge every day, has led him to compose trance tracks since 2002 and till 2005

he’s kept it to himself, until he felt really ready and in 2005 began to offer it to different

labels. Thanks to the help of Manuel Le Saux, a dear friend, he finds support to the

Real Music Recordings (one of the major American labels) with the disc “Bewitched to

See the Sun” released in February 2005, also present on and

The piece finds a remarkable success in the international music with presence in

many live sets and radio, also Italian. The times change and music changes as well.

Stone begins to discover the validity of a new genre therefore starts to produce

Progressive, however, approaching to a much more sought-after style and finding

much interest for the Chillout, Downtempo, Deep House.

Year 2003, he officially enters in the outline of Italian dance music scene receiving

several Italian Dance awards, winning the Doremix, a known radio program hosted by

Molella on RadioDj where young newcomers bring their remixes. He won three

editions, staying on top of the hit-chart as the best remix proposed in all the editions.

In 2004 he starts working with a local DJ approaching for the first time to the recordplayers,

and proposing his own music in several night events.

In 2006 he’s taken part in the staff of a notorious radio in San Francisco where he led

the program “Brisa del Mar” with an innovative and sought-after sound.

In 2007 he prints his second production with the Trance Tribe Recordings, famous

Australian label.

In 2008 he begins to work with Lewis Imperato, DJ and producer, with which he soon

establishes a good working relationship and more, starting to compose several

songs together.

The year 2009, is the album release “Far Cry” that brings Stone to the Tiesto DJ set

and the compilation “Mellomania vol.16” by Pedro Del Mar, besides its presence in many other famous djs sets, founding considerable success.

His journey has just begun… he believes very much in what he does … and this is the

reason why he’ll succeed in it!