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Mr Sheik

Bielefeld, Germany


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♫ My Life Is Music & Music Is Life ..

Born in the seventy’s, started spinning tha wheels in ’94

at our school discotheque. Until now only playing real vinyl ..

I remember that many years ago, when I was a small child,

aged between six and nine, we used to have a lot of partys

at our house. Once we had a really big fancy dress party,

and someone came dressed as an Arabien Sheik,

and I remember that on seeing this fantastic costume

it was love at first sight.

As the years passed by, I forgot all about this costume,

and then came the time where I started to put the records

on the turn tables as a resident DJ at

our school discotheque.

After a short while, I bought my own equipment and tables,

and of course as a DJ I needed a name. It came to my notice,

that while playing the really heavy house music, synthesizer

and disco music that the word “shake” kept cropping up over,

and over again. This somehow brought back the childhood

memories of that fancy dress party those

many years ago and the Sheik.

So I became the “SHEIK

I hope you enjoy listening to some music,

lean back, chillout and relax ..