Top 50k on The DJ List

Mr. Klein

Zürich, Switzerland

House, Trance


Parties and events figured highly in Mr. Klein?s life from a very early age but his interest in music really took off during his schooldays. Together with friends he took to staging birthday parties and other events in garages with little more than a simple radio to keep the crowd grooving. Their performance improved from one party to the next and there was never any question of who would be asked to organize any sixth form event.

In the third year of his job training he met Roland who inspired him greatly: he showed him his practice room and taught him all there was to know about the equipment (the tricks of the trade). It wasn?t long until he got his own record player (Technicks MKII) a major step on the road to becoming a DJ. Next on the list was his record collection and bit by bit the equipment was put together – Mr. Klein was in business.

Miscellaneous small appearances were followed by bigger events. While checking out some record shops with friends in Zurich (DJ Beat & Pantera Rec.) he met well known and famous DJs from the Swiss music scene. One thing led to another and thanks to the help of Nino and Edi from DJ Beat Mr. Klein was on a wagon at the Street Parade of 1996 for the very first time in his life. Gradually Mr. Klein became known and was heading for success. In 1997 he met Enzo, the head of Fun World (GERMANY) due to him and the gigs he was able to establish himself in world of DJs.

October 1, 1998 was a black day in the life of Mr. Klein, both privately and in his career as a DJ. He was involved in a serious car accident and consequently obliged to pause for 18 months. His family, his friends an above all his music gave him the strength to endure various operations. While recovering Mr. Klein took a course at the SAE as audio assistant which allowed him to sniff some ?studio air? and more than ever he knew that his hobby, his music, had to live on.

He made his comeback in 2000 and also boarded in Germany where through good personal contacts was able to fulfill many of his long held ambitions. Amongst other things he and DJ Sentinel created Avolon Project. With this a new chapter in his career opened and resulted in the first production.

Mr. Klein is living his dream and will go on living it.

Various, famous artists, DJs, managers, promoters, club owners, etc gave him support and strength to go on fulfilling his ambitions. For this special thanks go to?.