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Mr Inessential

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Electro House, Electronica

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Im Ognjen Micic aka MR Inessential 22 years old, DJ/Remixer/Producer from Bosnia and Hercegovina.

I am involved in this business for a long time, for six years engaged in the production Hause / Electro music,

and behind me I have a lot of projects and more than 200 live performances in clubs former EX-YU.

I first DJ/Producer from Bosnia, who had an elite global DJ magazine DJ Mag,

where he walked among the 200 most promising young European DJs-Producers.

My performances are accompanied by very strong and energetic sound,

and it is impossible to stand still and not to dance while listening to the best Electro / House / Dance mixess.

I guarantee a good party for all visitors of your club, and they will remain in a good memory.

My mixes and remixes on YouTube have million views and several thousand subscribers.

One of the my latest song:

My DJ career has seen him resident at the best clubs all over EX-Yu,

I has played (and continues to play) in clubs and bars such as:

-Club & Bar LEMON (Zagreb) CRO

-Club Opium (Podgorica) MNE

-Club Ninety Four (Belgrade) SRB

-Club Teatro (Belgrade) SRB

-Club The Garden (Zadar) CRO [Holiday Resort]

-Club Hltl (Zuirich) SZ

-Caffe Bar Best (Bar) MN

-Bar Yu(Sarajevo) BIH

-Club Optimus (Zadar) CRO [Holiday Resort]

-Club NO.1 (Poreč) CRO [Holiday Resort]

-Club Tabu (Frankfurt) DE

-NUbar Lounge (Rijeka) CRO

-Club Out Dor (Zagreb) CRO

-Club Barometar (Sarajevo) BIH

-Outlook Festival (Pula) CRO

-Discotheque Lav (Belgrade)SRB

-Club The Roof (Belgrade) SRB

-Discotheque Impresium (Ljubljana) SLO

-Discotheque Fratello (Sutomore) MNE [Holiday Resort]

-Club Oxigen (Pale) BIH

-Bar XXL (Tuzla) BIH

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